Every breath you take..

One hundred and eeeighteeeee!!

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Well, almost..

22 thoughts on “Every breath you take..

  1. Well now, that’s creative! Not that I can’t think of better things to do with my time, but then again I’m not big on shooting myself with blow darts either. He certainly seems to be enjoying himself though, so good for him!

  2. well then, i mean i know theres more conventional and probably easier ways to have yourself a play piercing session…but hey..whatever works..as long as hes enjoying himself i guess

  3. haha, this reminds me of being 16, getting super high off schwag, and shooting each other (a few friends) with thumb tacks through a blow gun.

    …But i was 16.

    And also, side note, we used to hunt squirrels with those exact blow darts

  4. This is a Really cool Video. Also, is the title a Labyrinth reference? I can’t believe I still remember that movie but that’s what came to mind.

  5. as if that dripping blood is not the hottest thing any one here has ever seen…………………….

  6. The way he locks on the the tube in anticipation of the next hit. It’s almost a drug like. This is art. Kudos to you sir.

    Side note – would be cool to see a human dart board game 🙂

  7. I was victim of a drive by assault with one of those… ended up in the hospital and numerous court cases. I should post the x-ray… it’s pretty sweet.

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