Opened Up His Love So Wide

I swear, when I first saw this cutting by Jonathan Martinez (while doing a guest spot at La Dolores Tattoo in Madrid, Spain), I could not bay leaf I’d never seen one like it before! Right? Because it’s a leaf, and it looks like a bay leaf, an— hey, guys? Guys, where are you all going? Aw, nuts.

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10 thoughts on “Opened Up His Love So Wide

  1. I grew up near a park full of Bay trees and every day that I would play there I would come home smelling of dirt and grass and sand and Bay leaves. I love it.

  2. first time this guy sent me the art to get the scar, I told him to show some more designs, but this leaf was on his “dream”…he woke up in the morning and realized he needed his scar, the same leaf of the dream, on his rib…

    I though a maple leaf was better, giving another perspective, etc, but this is the one he wanted, and looks better on the skin than in paper…

  3. @Ralex:

    You put them in spaghetti sauce for flavor (bay leaves), but remove them once it’s cooked… From what I’ve seem of my mom’s cooking, anyways.

  4. Laurel Leaves. Bay leaves. Same thing. They were sacred in blood letting rituals in ancient Greece. I have a laurel leaf cutting on my inner forearm . And have seen a least one other. None as big as this.

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