What Do You Call a Suspension That’s Not Yours?

Nacho suspension! Eh? Eh?


ANYWAY, here we have the aforementioned Ignacio’s first suspension in Montevideo, Uruguay, being attended to by the lovely La Negra, who basically lives on ModBlog. As far as first suspensions go, this one seems like it got a lot of the parts just right. A few more shots after the jump.

(Photos by María Pérez/Raw Photography.)

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Cross My Knees and Hope to Die

I fully understand if Factorygirl wants vengeance for that awful joke in the title. That said, the no pants/fresh cutting/stripy socks triumvirate surely trumps the abysmal wordplay. Well played, my friend.

(Cutting by Rev Lower at Evolved Body Art in Columbus, Ohio.)

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Good morning, ModBlog! Don’t forget that a balanced breakfast is the best way to start your day. Look at Ol’ Chompers up there — if he doesn’t start every day by devouring an entire, innocent water buffalo, right down its bones and soul, he is just in a rotten mood, at least until lunch, when a nice beet salad usually does the trick.

(Tattoo on Chugchug by Marius Meyer at Invictus Tattoo in Oslo, Norway.)

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Opened Up His Love So Wide

I swear, when I first saw this cutting by Jonathan Martinez (while doing a guest spot at La Dolores Tattoo in Madrid, Spain), I could not bay leaf I’d never seen one like it before! Right? Because it’s a leaf, and it looks like a bay leaf, an— hey, guys? Guys, where are you all going? Aw, nuts.

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