BME Bling for Charity!

Gregory was kind enough to make these 1 1/2″ Stainless Steel Single Flare TeamBME Bling eyelets while he was making the TeamBME Logo Plugs and Eyelets as well as the Dr. BME Plugs and Eyelets. I’ve decided to auction them off and donate the proceeds to charity. The bidding will run via the comment forum below and the winner will be contacted via email with a link to buy them through the shop. These are one of a kind and will not be made again!

Places your bids in the comments below, make sure to enter in your correct email address so that I can contact you January 1st when the bidding ends! Hope you’re all having a great holiday! I’m off to work on the year end awards!

70 thoughts on “BME Bling for Charity!

  1. $20

    im broke, otherwise i would bid more….why do the good things always appear when i have 0 money!!!!

  2. This is great timing. I was looking for plugs and they turn out to be the size I need. What are the odds lol.

    Lets spice things up a bit:


  3. You can give them to me free. That would be mine charity…..:) joking….. Dude Im from Bosnia. No one here is selling big earrings. I made mine from PTFE tape. I have 28 mm and 16 mm abov e……DONATE ME SOME EARRINGS…………..

  4. You can give them to me free. That would be mine charity…..:) joking….. Dude Im from Bosnia. No one here is selling big earrings. I made mine from PTFE tape. I have 28 mm and 16 mm abov e……DONATE ME SOME EARRINGS………………

  5. I’m pretty sure i would want to know where the money is going to be donated, before i would even think of bidding. Maybe thats just me.

  6. Seriously, a charity is a charity as long as it’s not going to the “Crack for needy kids foundation” I think your money is going somewhere good.

  7. Kero, I agree completely. My ears aren’t big enough to bother making a bid, but I would definitely like to know where my money would be going to first.

  8. I love the statement “I’m not going to bid but I want to know where *my* money is going”. You aren’t bidding so it doesn’t really matter. I haven’t picked a charity yet. I could have just put these up to be auctioned off and kept the money to pay BME’s numerous bills but just like when I gave everyone a free month of IAM for the holidays even though the site is hurting, I stick to my word and I’ll be donating the proceeds to a charity of my choosing. The most likely candidate is a domestic violence charity. As soon as I pick one I’ll let you know.

  9. Is there a bad charity? Really. And a BME bills auction is a good idea, too.

    I’d like to put the idea out there for a children’s charity, maybe towards children’s mental health? Abused/neglected children? Autism?

  10. I think we’re at merry with $201 as Lilly meant 125 not $225.

    I’m leaning towards a domestic abuse charity as well. If anyone has suggestions, please post them in here. I’ve already been contacted about the BME scholarship but I’ve always donated to that anyway so it’s not necessary to add this auction to the pile.

  11. Even though I can’t out-do $201, I’m happy to hear they’re going to a charitable cause. This is a great idea, and I’d love to see it happen more often! And gosh, especially for such pretty shiney things!

  12. I’m very proud to be part of such a kick-ass community! All you guys (bidding or not) are great! (Because, like me, you’re probably not bidding because you can’t outdo $350! I know I can’t! WOW! Some charity will be pleased! :D)

    Lastly, Rachel will certainly pick a worthy charity! I love the lady to death, and can certainly vouch for that!

  13. I would never question Rachel’s ability to choose a worthwhile charity.
    But I digress.
    Gregory does stunning work and kudos to the highest bidder.

  14. As far as charity suggestions remember, animals need help too! There are TONS of organizations, shelters, and rescues that are always in need.

    If not for this auction, maybe another one in the future?

  15. Dear Rachel, please READ my post before you comment to reduce the chance of future conflicts.
    I had posted the fact i wouldn’t think of donating to a charity that had not yet been named. So your comment of “I love the statement “I’m not going to bid but I want to know where *my* money is going”. You aren’t bidding so it doesn’t really matter.” Is rather unfounded. If you had said before you decided to solicit money from people that it was going to aids research or even a charity to aid against domestic violence then i would have had no problem backing you 110%.. But please continue flaming me because i hadn’t agreed with your particular methods. Lame!

  16. Kero: Please continue trying to be negative in a fund raising comment thread! I said in my post it was going to charity and that I hadn’t had time to pick one. Which charity doesn’t really matter because it’s a charity and knowing myself and BME, I wouldn’t donate to anything that went against what I believe in.

    I didn’t direct my previous post towards you specifically but if you want to make this about you, feel free. Eyeroll.

    Back to bidding! Looks like we’ve got $350, anyone willing to go over that?!

  17. I’m sorry you think i came off as being negative. Greg makes awesome jewelry! I’m wearing a few pieces as i type this. I wish all the best to the highest bidder as well as a happy and prosperous new year to all bme’ers.

  18. Rachel: Maybe not everyone believes in what you believe in? Yea, it’s pretty far fetched in this community of friends that are so well trained that they do almost anything BME wants to just to be a part of something, but there might be a person or two. Gregory does awesome work and they’re worth every cent, but it’s pretty silly to get pissy at someone who wants to know where a pretty big amount of an average worker’s monthly pay is going. Maybe someone thinks “FUCKING DOMESTIC ABUSE, I HATE THAT SHIT” and donates $900 willing to eat noodles for the rest of the month and then you go “Well community, I decided on Free Caged Chickens Foundation”.. Wouldn’t that person feel cheated?

  19. Turkey: Yeah because I don’t always do the responsible thing. I put these up as a gesture for the community but instead it’s used as another opportunity attack me by anonymous users. I can’t say how many times I have said I am going with a domestic abuse charity but these were made by Gregory and we have been discussing which charity to auction them off for since day one.

    But what do I know, I’m only losing everything I have to keep this place going with nothing in return. You can only love something so much and keep giving it everything you’ve got until you can’t do it anymore.

    Greg is awesome. He does a great job with whatever he does. I wish the proceeds could go to supporting BME itself because it would great to be able to pay the bills, but that’s not the promise that I made.

  20. We should do this again in a few months. We can take a poll of three diffrent charties and pick that way? I will be more then happy to make something new everytime so that its a total one off

  21. Greg, that’s a great idea. I hope that way there will be much less negativity in a thread that should be full of bids and kudos to you and Rachel for thinking of charity as opposed to yourselves.

    I, for one, definitely cannot afford to bid, but it does my heart good to see our community bidding to help others.

  22. Rachel: I’ve paid for IAM for years, same with memberships and bmeshop. Hundreds of dollars. And right now you have an online store, there’s membership fees etc. You’re losing “everything” and get “nothing” in return? That’s how you feel like? Is that how I should feel like too? I get content, you get money and you’re still losing everything? Maybe time to close shop or raise fees then, huh? I think it’s only fair to decide a charity before you collect donations. That’s all. It’s not an attack. I think Gregory’s idea is good.

  23. turkey: Fine, I made a mistake. I thought that putting up a charity auction to celebrate the incoming new year was a good idea. I haven’t been able to find time to research a specific charity between everything I’m doing behind the scenes and for that I apologize to all of you.

  24. Dear lord why are people being so negative (I’m referring to ALL posters who have been negative, overly defensive and dismissive). Yeah, these are awesome. My ears aren’t big enough and I couldn’t afford the bidding now that I’ve checked again after the first three posts anyway. But honestly folks. Yes, I would definitely want to know where my money was going IF I could put those things in my ears because there ARE bad charities that use funds in unethical or at least inefficient ways, there ARE issues I don’t care to give my personal money to. When I’m feeling charitable I just go give my money (or time, which is sometimes more helpful) to a cause I care about or an organization I already know and trust and get nothing in return but happiness for helping. I don’t think it is asshole-ish to say you’d like to know where the money is going before bidding… granted that if you’re not bidding the person doing the auction has a right to not give a shit whether you want to know where the money is going or not. But again one might avoid attacking or mean-toned questions by mentioning, at the start, that the charity is currently being decided.

    And everyone who says they either don’t trust rachel to pick a good charity or that they would never question her choices… I’m sure most of you don’t know her, don’t know anything about her and aren’t in a position to criticize or condone choices she hasn’t made yet! If you want to know what charity you may or may not be donating to, you can just write “Rachel, what charity are you planning on donating to” and she could respond “I’m thinking domestic violence” and all would be good. If you don’t trust her to pick a good charity, maybe you shouldn’t bid. If you do trust her, great, bid away, but lets not attack each other arguing about it!

    Jason, I am very glad to hear you say you feel excited to be part of such a “kick-ass” community, because I, like probably most of the people on IAM or who use BME, don’t know rachel or the rest of the people who run this site, and can’t vouch for them, but more importantly, don’t care to vouch for or attack anyone (ie don’t care to make a good charity issue an “I do or don’t like the big boss issue”!) I don’t want to feel like this “community” is one big attack-defensive fest manifested in modblog forums and I would, like probably most of the people on IAM or who use BME, rather just let the doers do their jobs, not have them feel like they are constantly under attack or that they are giving all of themselves and getting nothing in return because we demand too much and can’t be nice about it! So thank you Jason, for your positivity, because it gets us back to what this is all about: community. respect. communication. learning. body modification.

    But who gives a shit about what I think because I’m not bidding! And forums aren’t for discussions, they’re for attacking each other in the name of community. Tis the season, eh. The money is going to a domestic violence charity. Charity = good, let’s cut the unpleasantries!

  25. #50, Gregory, gorgeous jewelry and great idea about votingon/knowing about a particular charity beforehand. (I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the charity in this auction but I prefer to know.)
    I’m fairly out bid this time but look forward to perhaps another. You do amazing work.
    And hey, nothing wrong with a BME fundraiser if the need arises. Just run it up the flagpole and see who salutes =)
    I would!

  26. I think this is a FANTASTIC idea all around!

    Rachel, its a shame that some people can’t appreciate just how much work goes into building and maintaining a website as vast as the BME community. Doing web design and owning my own business brings forth a whole new appreciation for the “behind the scenes” work, at least for me.

    Gregory, I just wanted to say that they’re beautiful! Its very generous of you to donate something so amazing to ANY charitable cause.

  27. Congratulations to the winner of these, they’re beautiful. And a domestic abuse charity couldn’t be a better cause to put your money towards, while getting gorgeous one of a kind jewellery in return!

    I’d ignore the naysayers, they aren’t worth the energy wasted to reply to them. People can choose to bid or not based on the information they have, just as everyone else has done. Some people just like to read their words on a computer screen, helps them feel special.

    Again, congratulations to the winner! And thank you to those who bid as well. I’m sure the charity will appreciate the donation they’re receiving. It would be great to see future auctions of this sort from our community, towards things like cancer research, multiple sclerosis, heart & stroke, etc. There are many worthy causes out there and it would be great to see this community throwing their support behind them.

  28. maybe she shouldn’t give anything to charity.. I only see people bitching about the charity who have no bids up.. happy new year.

  29. Guys, here is the thing, Kero wasn’t attacking Rachel. to me it looks like he/she/whatevs was just saying “gee, it’d be nice to know where this money is going…” I mean, if I could afford these, I would totally bid. But lets say the charity choosen was NAMBLA, or we can even choose one that would be less shocking for someone in this community to pick, let’s say she chose PETA. Now before anyone hulks out at me, I REALIZE SHE PICKED/IS PICKING A DOMESTIC ABUSE CHARITY. But lets just say that she hadn’t decided yet, and that the auction said that the charity was still to be decided. Now, if I would have bid on these and won, and after paying found out my money was going to PETA, I’d be pretty upset. I don’t like PETA. I disagree with how they do things. So yeah, I would probably not take part in another one of these auctions, based off of that experiece.

    Rachel, you have got to learn to cool your jets. I understand the fear of being attacked, especially with everything that has happened between this site and all of its owners, current and past. But try and put the past behind you. Don’t automatically assume that everyone is against you. Don’t assume that every post is an attack on you. Kero wasn’t attacking you. It sucks that you both had to get defensive for no reason. There was no reason for it.

    I think its really great that a) you want to donate to a charity, and b) that you are essentially getting this community together to donate to a charity, and I will definitely not knock you for that. Even if you did choose NAMBLA or PETA, at least you are donating out of the kindness of your heart. But maybe next time choose a charity before putting up the auction. Or let the winner pick. Greg’s plan for a poll first is a great one, and I commend him on that.

    Also, if money is so tight in the BME world, why not have a few charity auctions for bme? To support bme. I doubt many people here would mind donating money to this community, especially for one a kind things.

  30. I dont get why which charity it goes to is such a big deal. It is… A charity… which to most people is a good thing

  31. Togym was apparently a fake bid. They have not responded to any of my emails. We’ll restart the bidding in a new entry as soon as I have time. Thanks to everyone!

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