A Verse So Sweetly Sung

Whew, is it getting warm in here? I think I may go for a swim to cool down. I’ll be in this young lady’s eyes if anyone needs me.

(Anti-eyebrow from the folks at Skullfly Tattoo and Piercing in Eugene, Oregon.)

18 thoughts on “A Verse So Sweetly Sung

  1. That certainly appears to be an anti-eyebrown with a curved barbell or some tygon can’t tell. Not micros.

    I am finding it hard to work when I can stop and get lost in this girls eyes…. damn need to snap back to reality…

  2. she’s purty!
    – why is it that BME is the sole reason I am constantly questioning my sexuality?

    absolutely stunning.

  3. Those are not microdermals.
    Her eyes are gorgeous but the piercing doesn’t look so great. It’ sticking out quite a bit. Curved barbell?

  4. what is bothering me the most is the fact that the metal that is sticking out and the part that is rejecting does not make a straight line towards the other end.

  5. What a poor example of an anti eyebrow piercing. The fact that she’s a cute girl doesn’t even distract from the curved barbel poking out of her cheek.

  6. Looks pretty. Too bad that piercing wont last. Most surface piercings dont.

    Why do people have to leave such rude snarky comments? If you dont have something nice to say then please say nothing its just such a downer to read rude comments on modblog. Makes me never want to be modblogged because I would hate to have people say mean comments and diss my mods. The whole point of the BME comminuty is for us to be supportive of one another…not judgemental. Come one… we are all adults here.

  7. … did anyone think that this piercing may have been freshly done?
    perhaps THATS why there is a long bar. (I’m sure we all know that longer jewelery is used for healing)

    Come on people – give it up with the internet bitching. Like Badine said, we’re all adults.

    As for rejection, I don’t see anything at all.

  8. It kind of looks like the jewelry may be a NeoMetal pushpin piece to me, which in that case it seems to not be pushed in all the way. Just a guess…

  9. Ay! That’s me (: The bar was long for healing, and I took it out before it rejected. Yes it was a curved barbell and I use great lash mascara..the $4 stuff :p

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