Shortly after this photo was taken, Bruce Campbell killed this tree, with an axe, as retribution for it sexually assaulting a friend of his, before being sucked into a vortex to fight hell demons. True story. I read it on the Internet.

(This cover-up — see traces of the original around her navel — is on Sheep by Biggins at Steel Rod Tattoo in Indianapolis, Indiana.)

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40 thoughts on “Groovy

  1. can anyone tell what it’s covering up? i cant but i guess thats the point. thats awfully big if it was just around her navel.

  2. awww cute boobies. ha well this is amazing. i love the owl on top. i want a tree tattoooooo !!

  3. This is too awesome. And making a Bruce reference out of anything makes it even better :)

  4. Quite lovely. Just confirms my belief that all coverups should be massive and completely outshine whatever was before it…I say job well done here!!! It’s rare to see a full front piece such as this compared to the traditional backpiece.

  5. Size isn’t everything…lacks bark texture; instead looking like twisted rags and the overall shape doesn’t seem very tree-like (too much symmetry)

  6. #21 – just because it’s a tattoo of a tree doesn’t mean it has to look like she has an actual tree stuck to her torso.
    I think it’s a beautiful piece and kudos to the tattoo artist, it’s a very well done cover up and an amazing statement tattoo.

  7. The original tattoo, which was covered up, looks like it was a sun of some sort, kind of like the godsmack logo, but was never filled in. by the way, the original tattoo is around her navel if you want to look and speculate on what it originally was.

  8. It’s nice, I guess, cleanly done. I don’t know, I’m sick of dead trees. Don’t like it.
    Get some leaves grrl, live a little.

  9. wow. huge tattoo compared to the last one covered up.
    pretty job but not too big of a fan.

  10. wow. huge tattoo compared to the last one covered up.
    pretty job but not too big of a fan.

  11. i’d love to see what this looks like if she decides to have kids (if not so already).
    it’d look rad on a pregnant belly!

  12. ha ha ha looks nice. mine was a coverup as well and for that i had to make it super dark. i suppose at some point she could fill in more texture. very good,but mines better. lol.

  13. hahahaha not all of us want to breed. good for you, going against nature and all :)

    i think it’s awesome. love the owl/birds addition.

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