Leaping Over the Ledge

You know what? I think we need more self-referential tattoos. Brim at Skin Creation in Cardiff, Wales, UK, has the right idea.

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26 thoughts on “Leaping Over the Ledge

  1. Hah pml seen it on Skindeep Forums originally, quite funny.

    One question, is Skin Creation the new Dragon Ink? I recently heard they changed name?

  2. I love that font style… and I love the colours… and it is well placed and looks really really nice… so I guess it is indeed an awesome tattoo XD

  3. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! This is my tattoo and I love it. Thank you all for your comments.

    And to Gizmo, nope, Skin Creation has always been Skin Creation, it’s in Cardiff. Dragon Ink is in Swansea.

  4. You know Sam, now you need “Crappy Tattoo” on the other shoulder, by someone like me, who struggles to write clearly :)

  5. Love the circus-y font. And the general awesome-ness of it all.
    it pretty much sums itself up.

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