The Evolution of Wang

Greg Schaefer of House of Ink in St. Louis, Missouri, checks in:

It started out with a client saying, “You should give me a black light tattoo,” and I said, “It has to be a dick.” He says, “OK, on the bottom of my foot would work, or maybe my leg. Actually, it would be cool on my ass.”

I said, “OK, if we do it, though, it has to be veiny and triumphant.” He agreed. Being a tattooist and being offered a chance to do a tattoo like this veiny S.O.B, I couldn’t resist. Well, lo and behold, I was able to convince our helper to get a black outline, but it didn’t stop there.

It went from the idea of a black light tattoo to semi-realism with a hot pink black light reactive background! Yeah right sucka, he ended up with this veiny triumphant bastard with a black light reactive silhouette of a dick around it on his ass cheek. Damn son, damn.

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35 thoughts on “The Evolution of Wang

  1. Haha!

    When I mentioned I wanted a click through (hinting at cock), this is not what I meant, really.

    But it’s awesome all the same, cockbum.

  2. Ah, tatblog. Haven’t visited here in a while, and I immediately remember why. The whole front page consists of (shock of shocks) pedestrian tattoo images, one mildly interesting (but mostly idiotic) nipple piercing thing and a quick assortment of typical facial piercings.


    I miss the old modblog SO much.

  3. k – go start your own site and post what you want to see if you have such a problem with modblog :P

  4. Funny, was thinking as I read the article..”Wouldn’t it be funny” and there ya go DONE…Hopefully buddy has an office job, I’d be a little nervous showering next to that after a shift..

  5. lmfao at #22, that is such a great idea… and i came here to say what #29 said: they are some wrinkly ass 90 year old balls.

    still i love it, love a man with a sense of humour!


    they fucked on my tattoo.
    and they spelt World Series Champions on a guys arm.
    Worlb Series Champions.
    and they are grossly overpriced.
    but there is a guy named Van there.
    if you can get him then go for it.
    youll recognize him, hes the heavily tattooed
    ex-military guy.
    and hes super nice.
    and better yet.

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