My Nipple’s Exploding With Delight!

Have you ever woken up in the morning, looked through bleary eyes* at your reflection in the mirror and been overwhelmed by the desire to:

a) Do something new and exciting with your nipple piercing.
b) Make lots of loud fizzing/popping/banging noises to annoy the neighbours who kept you up until 3am playing the same drum and bass track over and over again at top volume.
c) Play with flames.

I know I have!

Bern reflected on this for a while and came up with a fine way to start the day/enact revenge, he combined a), b) and c), to make, erm, c)a)b) this…

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* – Sometimes caffeine just doesn’t do the job.

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32 thoughts on “My Nipple’s Exploding With Delight!

  1. holy cow! its amazing what BS the body can put up with.
    now lets see him do it with a cherry bomb!

  2. I remember a cherry bomb going off suddenly in my hand once when I was younger…i had a ringing in my ear for a week and a dull ache and numbness to my hand for that week as well. wonder how his nipple is holding up lol

    love the intro and outro too lol

  3. I saw the firecracker go off and I was like D=
    But then the music started and I was like =D

  4. thats not a firecracker its its little sister the lady finger and one of the weakest fireworks ever this is weak

  5. I’d hate to ever be bored enough to think “wow, where could I put a firecracker?”

    Could be a quick way of getting my PA from 0g to 00g though…

  6. Yes, that’s ladyfinger. A baby-size firecracker…but there’s still discomfort if you’re holding it in your fingers when it explodes. (Or your nipple.)

  7. WOW all I could think the whole time was don’t light the chest hair on fire!! And for the comments that the firecracker was a ladyfinger- I don’t care if it was a pop rock that shit sure as hell wouldn’t be going near my nipple piercings! I give this guy all the credit in the world!!

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