Let Me Do The Jumble

Alie from TCB Tattoos in Toronto, Ontario, sent in this piece she did the other day on a client who wanted a word search filled with the names of his family members. Cute! We don’t have the list of names, but whoever can find the most reasonable words will WIN A PRIZE!*

*The satisfaction of a job well done counts as a prize, right?

52 thoughts on “Let Me Do The Jumble

  1. well since you said “words” not just names, heres my list
    there are a few others but i dont think they were purposeful.
    i could be wrong

  2. haha!
    i also got: Mr Osenberger – Mr PM Hawkes – Bosko

    if they’re not someone’s names, they sure should be!!!

  3. awesome tattoo.

    i’d think it would be fun if you just asked the tattooist to come up with words to put in there, then whilst its healing you’d have something to do.

    of course you’d have to really, REALLY trust your tattooist…

  4. my only thought on this is, what body part? i thought it was like on the side of their leg at first but im thinking…where is the hair coming from? so is it like their arm and it’s just a weird angle or whatt?

  5. harry, jake, sat, are, mart, hawk, pee, need, gust, mat, sara, sir, marc (i think thats a name), gus, rose, rosenberg(er)(might be the last name). thats all i got.

  6. mart/art, hawkes/hawk, marc, sat, gusts/gust, need/nee, hess, harry, jake, rene, rose, maple/map, hard, mat, rap, ram, roll, pain, kit, lie, sob, cram, tee, bit, die, err, tea, per, clap/lap, rise, bee, wall, fee, ride, deer, slit/lit, jim

  7. well that explains it. i think it’s in a weird position on his arm though cuz we’d have to turn ours heads like to the side in order to read it properly. that sucks

  8. Gus, Orly, Hawk, Harry, Rene, Sara, Jake, Ape, Rose, Rosenberger, Marc, Olo, Art, Mac, Fuel, Rilie, Hardly, Amar, Maple, and there’s a bunch more, you just have to spend some time on it…

  9. names: rose, marc, rosenberg, harry, mac, jake, gus, sara, ed (3 times), rene, art, jak

    words: roll, clap, pain, sob, rise, ram, map, need, kit, mart, maple, lie, bee, hawk, sat, at, cram, am (3 times), fuel, mar, if, pa, rap, in, die, ride

  10. Ride, Hawk, Die, Harry, Remi, Jake, Roseberger, Peeter, Jim, Hardly, Help, Fuel, Silvi, Mat/ Mati, Sara, Leil, Rene, Pain, Need, Margus, Tidi, Tea, Sick,

    Mr P.M.Hawke… i found that and thought it could be a name or something

    Thats all i found,

  11. hahahaha I WANT ONE.
    this would keep me entertained forever. You would find words that weren’t even intentionally there. You could just sit there all day circling on your arm. And if you had kids and they were whinging they’re bored? “Here kiddo. Grab a pen and play circle mummy/daddy.”

  12. Ok, well I found a few…
    Harry, Jake, Jim, Erik, Gus, Sara, Maple, Leo, Les and Rose for names
    Bee, Need, Rise, Elm, Ride for words…
    I lost my patience after those… It’s 1:30am and my eyes are tired.

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