Stars on Their Brows

Yes, yes, yesterday was very male-heavy here on ModBlog, I’ll admit it. Well, for those of you not always keen to run with the dick-’n-balls crowd, we have the lovely T-Lex, sporting a surface piercing on her wrist and really not much clothing at all. Shucks.

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11 thoughts on “Stars on Their Brows

  1. Shes amazingly cute, her hotness makes me fall down and hurt myself.
    It to sad I lost my IAM account, i cant remember my user name Any one know wat to do.

    I wish I could meet some with with a surface piercing, Bloemfontein South Africa is kinda crappy place to be.
    Amazing picture.

  2. very nice pic … I love the wrist surface piercing … and I wish her luck in keeping it … tried twice and both times had to remove them .. kept getting caught and the second one got severely infected … hard piercing to keep.

  3. thank you everyone =] yes, i am asian. 50%. and sadly i had to take that monster out after a week because it rejected and i couldnt wear my wrist guards with it in anyways. i wish i could try again!

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