12 thoughts on “Set it on its Legs

  1. Dustin is fantastic..and so if everybody else that works at Sacred Balance (shamelessly plugging my fiance Ryan Gagne of Sacred Balance)!!!

  2. fantastic stuff. i love the gold on the skull. the pink underbelly really complements the blue and gold of the dragon too.

  3. #4:”omg bme has nice tattoos for once lately eveyrthing on bme ink is just poor

    iam talking pathetic but this is amazing”

    to a certain extent, i agree with you. it’s unfortunate that a lot of those people out there have no clue as to what many tattoo aficionados (which you more than likely are?) know to be ‘good’ work. sometimes i don’t know whether i am happy or saddened to hear, “wow, i never dreamed that a tattoo could look like that!” sure, everyone takes their art in different directions, and some artists should have stuck to working in mcdonald’s, but until more people participate and post pics of their really super-sweet work, i’m sure the majority of the pics you continue to see will be those from the individual who ‘just got all tatted up’ and is proudly displaying their work to whatever audience they can get. maybe a few more pictures submitted of good work might make them second guess that ‘taz tatty’ they’re itchin’ for; maybe it just means that there’s job security in laser tattoo removal…

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