It’s My Arm Now

So, if Clark Kent is Superman’s critique on the human race, I suppose this is tribute to, hmm, Nick Cave?

(Implant by Lukas Zpira.)

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18 thoughts on “It’s My Arm Now

  1. Please explain the nick cave reference?

    Anything more than a dark brooding older guy? Nick cave got anything to do with the implant choice ;p ?

  2. There seems to be a lot of Kill Bill References floating about Modblog these days.

    Did someone watch it recently? hmmm?

  3. Haven’t seen an implant like that before. Thumbs up for the choice of shapes. I’ll take it.

  4. Im not sure that you can fully understand either Charon … and since some apparently need help to get the point of this pic, let me rescue you .

    yes, thank you Mshell, this is Uranus symbol, and this photo tries to express that there is sometimes things hidden behind appearances .

    still trying to guess jordan ?! hummm …

    should I put some snapshot on my IAM page next time ?! perhaps it’d be easier to understand …

    BTW, I got a new blog “” featuring a Lucky Diamond Rich interview… enjoy ;)

  5. wow really dramatic picture, though i almost wish the uranus implant were the only thing there… nicely done.

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