Up the Downstair

T-lex sends in this attempt at play piercing using cactus needles. “They wouldn’t go all the way through, though,” she says. “Just pricks.” Pfft, pricks indeed.

(Photo taken in Sabino Canyon, Arizona.)

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15 thoughts on “Up the Downstair

  1. stupid thing to do , what about infections? I got an infection once. :(

    That is not a good thing to get.

    Peace out.

  2. it didnt get too bad… itched a tiddle bit but the next day i got my tattoo done so the artist MADE me put the sanitizing stuff on. they were needles from a few different species in tucson, but i doubt they were poisonous.

  3. They’re not poisonous, so much as irritating and definitely contain uncomfortable fluids! I’m heading out to ol’ Sabino today!

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