One That You Don’t Really Know

No, dude, if you’re a man of peace, you don’t have to flex — nuts or otherwise. Ah, well.

(Scarification by Kellan Smith at Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.)

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19 thoughts on “One That You Don’t Really Know

  1. The ability for cutters to make a perfect/clean circle amazes me! I can’t even cut a straight line let alone a circle into someone’s flesh! Bravo

  2. I don’t get this picture. A nice scarification, but is there a weird plate-sized perfectly circular discoloration around it? And what is the dark red mark under it?

    Questions, questions. The peace sign looks good regardless.

  3. dude he looks like he just got chest-kicked by a Clydesdale and then went out and got a cutting. That calls for a FLEX in my book.

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