24 thoughts on “Breathe With Me

  1. I love this!

    Although I wonder how it’ll look when it’s healed, especially the joins on the ‘o’s.

  2. first thing that sprung to mind was the prodigy, thankyou for considerately posting the video too. 😀

    i like the detail in the Os

  3. This is gorgeous!

    At least THIS font isn’t subject to misinterpretation…

  4. Hmm is that ketchup? 🙂 Anyway, I like the rickety appearance of the letters, but it would be nice to have a picture once it’s healed…

  5. excuse me? die? never. as long as people want to wear makeup, get tattoos, piercings then someone will want a mod based on their favorite song or group or whatever. i got an srh and slipknot tattoo because that music means the most to me.

  6. i wasnt talking about that bro i love slipknot and i love prodigy

    i was talking about the quality of the work

    and of which is usually posted here

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