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Good morning, ModBlog! Let’s start today backwards: Here we have a young man who got his 18 mm. lip piercing closed and stitched up by Brooklyn’s number one son, xPUREx. It’s not uncommon to find reactions to procedures like this … not negative, necessarily, but certainly sad: people tend to be disappointed when a person has his or her stretched ears/lip/whatever restored to their original state. Understandable, to be sure, but I have to say, I’m always rather impressed that these stretched piercings that so many of us grew up believing to be relatively “permanent” are increasingly reversible. This isn’t to say that such procedures should be taken lightly, of course, but the ingenuity is pretty remarkable nonetheless.

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64 thoughts on “Lock It Up

  1. for the record:

    my main motivation behind this was NOT regret. i was beginning to have dental issues, and it was necessary in order to preserve my pearly white smile.

    i knew the risks before i even started, so PLEASE, no lectures on the permanance of body modification and the irreverence today’s youth takes to it’s seriousness. kthx.

  2. how about the part when Brian started spitting Vanilla Ice lyrics in the middle of the procedure?

    ice ice baby. dum dum dum dumdumdumdum

  3. I can understand why someone might want this reversed. Aesthetically I don’t really like large gauge lip piercings (like…over 10mm, and that is my personal opinion, each to their own!) and practically, it must get irritating in such a heavily used part of the anatomy, and you can’t deny the damage it can cause to dental health.

    That said, the reversal looks pretty neat, good luck!

  4. …..very interestng,I’m thinking to do the same,but I don’t know were to go to have this done,in italy I have never seen a procedure like this…

  5. hey i think we have those plugs at my shop! totally irrelevant to the topic. but its something i noticed haha.

  6. i like it when these are shown….hopefully it helps some people realize that when you’re young you don’t always know exactly what you want out of life…..even if you think you do…..even if you’re positive you do….

  7. Not to be an asshole, but this is exactly why I’ve never taken Body Piercing or anyone who does Body Piercing seriously. From lips to lobes, all of that can be reversed and dosn’t show any long term dedication. Where as tattooing your face, neck, hands ect. shows a large amount of dedication to body modification for whatever personal reason and stays for fucking life….

  8. Man, I so would have rather Brian been singing Vanilla Ice than Alanis Morisette during my ears..
    But you stitch much nicer than a doctor! That won’t be noticeable in a couple of months.. it hurts to be that good!

  9. I really don’t see a problem with reversals. Most of us go in knowing that our procedures have varying chances of being totally permanent, but we’re not mind readers. Problems may arise (such as the dental issues) that will cause us to change our minds or create the need to change our bodies. Heck, some just become disenchanted with the modification. And if it’s okay to say, “You can change your body to this,” why is it unacceptable to say, “You can change your body back?”

    It’s going to make for a neat scar, if you’re into that sort of thing.:)

  10. #25 Does that mean that everyone with a tattoo should be taken more seriously than those with peircings?
    I know many a person who got tattoo on a drunken whim or regretted one, whether it be their neck, forearms or leg. That being said, just as there are people not dedicated to their piercings, there is an equal amount not dedicated to their tattoo’s, piercings are just much easier to reverse. Having a tattoo does not always make you more dedicated to body modification.

  11. I disagree with 25. Tattoos can be removed also, and sometimes piercings don’t close up.
    The dedication I have to my piercings is just as valid as the dedication one may have toward their facial tattoo. I think it’s unfair to let permanence determine the value of one body mod over another.

  12. #25, 28, and 29……. the last time i checked you could get tattoos removed also. its not as easy as stitching something up but you can have it done. i have tattoos and stretched lobes and i love them both equally. i think i takes longer dedication to stretch something out than to sit in a chair for a couple of hours to get a tattoo.

  13. Why should you judge people based on their dedication to their piercings?

    To some people it’s not a lifestyle or a culture, it’s aesthetically pleasing.

    in before flame war

  14. Sorry, let me clarify.

    By dedication I mean permanence, not health of the piercing. You can’t justify taking shitty care of a piercing.

  15. If your going to change your mind, why do it. I’m young, I’m sure no one wants to change their mind but I wont be shutting my lobes. They will be flapping in the breeze when I take out the plugs for good!
    His lip was (close to) 3/4″, kind of serious you know, pretty big. Maybe not to modblog (haha) but to joe smo?

    Sucks that he changed his mind, but I’m glad to see the reversal looks like it went smoothy! (as little as I know) Hope the final healing goes just as well.

  16. Who cares about “dedication,” seriously? You don’t “take me seriously” because most of my mods are piercings? People choose to keep or remove piercings for so many hugely different reasons that are, quite frankly, none of anyone’s business to judge.

    Personally, I think anyone who gets visible piercings or tattoos for the sole sake of being visibly pierced or tattooed is doing it wrong — and I don’t know of any person who’s said this piercing/tattoo doesn’t mean anything to me and I don’t think it’s pretty, I just want a visible modification so that someone in the body modification community will take me seriously.

    Besides which, tattoos are increasingly reversible, and I know a number of people with tattoos who care absolutely nothing for the body modification community and some of those loathe and despise their tattoos, wish they’d never gotten them, and want them removed.

    Suspension’s not permanent either, but I tend to think that people who are willing to hang themselves from hooks are pretty fucking dedicated — not that their dedication actually matters. As long as everyone’s doing what they want, and is happy with their body, who the fuck care what you or I or anyone else thinks?

  17. I love when people say “not to be an asshole, but…” and then go ahead with being one. As for the statement “If you’re going to change your mind, why do it?”… Well, that’s just ridiculous. Why do anything, then? There’s always the chance of unforseen complications (like dental issues) when making a choice about anything. People change their minds about major life decisions all of the time. Why bother doing ANYTHING, if you might change your mind in the future?

  18. re: jenn, ahahahaha. true. it’s the same thing with “don’t take it personally,” and then they go on to insult you personally. “don’t take it personally, but you’re ugly and you smell bad.”

    personally, i go into all my mods knowing i might change my mind. am i planning on it? no, but it happens, that’s life, stuff comes up.

    just now, i was thinking i was going to have perogies for dinner, and i even started frying up some onions, but then i changed my mind. so i’m having scalloped potatoes instead. i guess i’m not very dedicated to fried onions. ;)

  19. Another thing we have to remember here is that on a scale of medical related issues (such as infections, scarring, and dental issues and so on) tattoos have a much smaller rate of occurence than piercings….completely leaving the whole dedication side of things for a moment, tattooing your face does have risks but once completely healed will pose no other risks (apart from prejudice) compared to something like large guage lip piercings, tongue piercings, and any other piercings that are taken to an extreme…..sometimes things dont work out how they’re supposed to.

    He might have wanted that piercing forever and the decision to have it reversed was met with much chagrin.

  20. so, i even try to avert the controversy that surrounds every modblog post ever it seems, and it still happened.

    it’s my face, not yours. i wanted it, im bummed i lost it, but i’d be even more bummed with no teeth. i knew the risks, i got educated, i did what a responisible person does before they do something serious.

    give me a break, people. no one cares about your two cents, especially not me, and it’s my face in the fucking picture.

  21. And besides, tattoos CAN be removed…so on the same mindset, that means that only something like nullo (and the like) could be called dedication?
    I don’t buy it.

    BTW, he has every right to change his body as he sees fit for the reasons that matter to him. Very tidy stitches =)

  22. Its sad when someone with a crooked face wants symmetry in their piercings.
    And… large gauge cartilege irreversable?

  23. #40 trufax.

    rest in peace, my nape piercing. D:

    most of us (i’m guessing — if i’m wrong, correct me) would like to keep our piercings forever… unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t work. i, for one, find tattoos to be way easier to heal than surface piercings on high-movement areas.

  24. “so on the same mindset, that means that only something like nullo (and the like) could be called dedication?”

    And even then something could be theoretically constructed. And we may get things that are irreversible today that 10 years down the track medical technology could change.

  25. For Nullo you can always get testosterone injections and silicon testicles. If you want to have kids in the future, freeze some of your swimmers before hand… or adopt.

  26. i´m so sick of this “dedicated to bodymodification”thinking some of you people have. people change, you get tired of shit or maybe just want to have it reversed/removed or whatever because it doesn´t feel right anymore. why does some of you think it´s such a big deal? like you betray the whole bodymodification culture or something..blalabla…whatever. im tired.

    anyhow, the stiches looks good.

  27. #25: Dedication to body modification? Seriously?

    Tattoos can be removed too, there may always be SLIGHT remnants of the tattoo after the removal, but removing a piercing (especially a large gauge one) leaves some scarring behind too. As the fellow pictured is definitely going to have on his face.

    I don’t think you sound like an asshole, as I’ve been known to say things that people don’t like too much either, but it’s your opinion.

  28. I wish there was a before and after side by side for this.

    had to do something simular myself after I had my labret done. It just wouldn’t sit right and be comfortable, and then one day I hurt my gumline on one tooth and it had to go as well. After letting it heal a year I came back to the idea and had a vertical labret done. I’ve had it three years now and love it and have had no problems.

  29. just ot of curiosity dustin…..did your lip bow up much with the piercing in? im trying to guage how far I can take mine before it starts bulging a bit :)

  30. Wow, Dustin. It looks really nicely done. Brian’s work is the shit. I’ll definitely miss it, though.

    And as for all the “dedication” bullshit, fuck off. Dustin is one of the most dedicated people I know. You can’t just make that judgement because someone stitched up a piercing for one reason or another.

  31. #56 – i had it scalpeled to 7/16″, it was bowing a little then. that’s as small as i had it, so idk about any lower.

    and thanks Garrett. that’s kind of how i was looking at the whole mess as well. anyone that really knows me and sees the shit i do every day knows how dedicated i am to body modification. not that it’s really something you can put a value on in the first place.

    i just wish people on these forums would resist the urge to sound like ignorant dip shits sometimes.

  32. i’m pretty sure having your lip scalpelled open counts as “dedication” to body modification. I mean, this is a competition, right?! modpointz, bro!

    #25 has ignorance written all over it.

  33. Nice close up.
    I think it’s okay to keep changing your body. If you decide to not have a stretched lip anymore for any reason, then sure, take it out and close it up. As long as you were aware of the risks and scarring when you got it and are okay with the reversal procedure, then why is it any different than putting a hole in your body to begin with?
    It’s the people who bitch and complain about a decision THEY MADE and say it’s the worst idea ever to get a tattoo or whatever that give it a bad rep. Not -everyone- is crying because they decided knuckle tattoos aren’t what they want anymore and they paid to have them taken off.
    These decisions aren’t to be made lightly, but it doesn’t mean you fucked up just because down the road you don’t want it anymore.

  34. such a bummer to lose a mod that takes so much time and dedication to do. Especially if its one that you want to keep forever. Every piercing that I have retired has been due to rejection or complications. Its never something I want to do just because I want a change. One of the reasons that I like split tongues so much is because its permanent (unless you get it surgicly reversed) and it doesnt cause any dental problems. I have two tongue rings and I want to split my tongue but my boyfriend really doesnt want me to because hes afraid of snakes lol. Gotta break him in slowly so Im gonna wait a few more years before doing it. Im trying to slowly get him use to body mods.

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