I’m a Seed, Wondering Why it Grows

Like I’ve been saying, our scarification submissions lately have just been spectacular, and this hyfricator branding by Blair is no exception. Blair won’t be in Philadelphia, but hey, he’s in Toronto most of the time! Go see him there, and just let him go nuts. Healed shot of this brand, after the jump.

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22 thoughts on “I’m a Seed, Wondering Why it Grows

  1. i’m first to leave a comment!!

    [Ed. note]: This is Jordan. I’m leaving this message here as a warning: There will be no “firsties” on ModBlog. This is one of the worst trends on the Internet. Absolutely not. Thank you for your cooperation.

  2. Good job KD. You don’t win a prize.

    But i like this piece. The bottom part of the roots kinda confuses me though.

  3. Nice, looks like comments can be chopped and screwed, altered to however the editor sees fit. Seig heil Jordon!

  4. Haha, yes, how fascistic. This is the first and only time that’s been done, and simply to enforce the only standard of decorum I really have. But you’re right, this is basically the first step towards Internet death camps. Astute.

  5. Cute scar. Maybe it’s just me but the roots make it look like little stick figure legs. Looks like it’s walking around. I like.

  6. B’aw.
    The freshly branded appearance looks amazing.
    Like a scar outlining a tattoo [with perfect color-choice], kind of.
    And then it turns out looking like a regular scar~
    And it’s a pot on the bottom, right?

  7. I like… and Blair is absolutely fantastic.. he did a hyfricator brand on me, and it went so well.. he’s the best at what he does and is an absolute sweetheart at that..
    I think it turned out nicely.

  8. It healed well is about the only thing nice I can say about it.

    The design is horrible and it isn’t something i think an artist would be proud to have in their portfolio. Honestly if I saw that I would take my business elsewhere.

  9. Not too fond of it but Jordan, continue on with the Internet Dictatorship-ness cause the less idiots leaving myspace-esque comments on here the better. Huzzah!

  10. I for one personally love the design. Its simple and not overly complicated, unlike the plethora of cuttings/brandings we’re seeing these days. Back to the basics. Minimalistic is in I say.

    I also love his wood burnt art that he’s been putting out these days.

    But in the end its art…and just like every lame ass holier than thou hipster art gallery showing, you’re going to have people either love it or hate it…But that’s whats so great about true art, the contrast of opinion.

  11. It is a pot at the bottom of the design with the roots inside. Blair drew this design actually – so for those of you saying I brought a shitty child like design to Blair and he shouldn’t be proud to have branded it into me, you’re wrong. Him and I both like the design very much, including it’s simplicity. Of course it turned out looking like a regular scar, we didn’t add any tattooing or anything to it. It was meant to look like a scar. As for it looking like a poorly executed idea, I’d like to know how it comes across as not turning out just as it should have. Last I talked with Blair we were both quite happy with how it turned out. I think he did a fantastic job and I chose a design we were both happy to work with.

  12. I’d have to agree with #11. This really isn’t worthy of modblog, IMO. It seems that the quality of the work being showcased has been declining as of late.

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