Long Intervals of Horrible Sanity

Consider this Edgar Allen Poe portrait (by Curtis Richter from Art-n-Soul Studios in Allentown, Pennsylvania) a precursor to a wonderful interview that we’ll be putting up this afternoon, a piece that touches, among other things, on why we often “see thirty tattoos of puns, but no tattoos of poetry.” Keep an eye out for that later on.

14 thoughts on “Long Intervals of Horrible Sanity

  1. yay i love interviews whos it with i cant wait. i’m going to be going elsewhere in an hour and wont be able to see it till 10 tonight oh i hope its an interview with paraplugs that would be cool …

  2. That looks pretty cool, it makes me laugh though as I’ve seen an ‘Oval Portrait’ tattoo done before, which I think the girl may have been after something like this, but ended up with what we affectionately term a “red egg with a blob in it” XD

  3. I knew the moment i saw this who it was, i really like this piece, i’m pretty drawn to the oval frames and classic portraits. part of me just wishes that the raven was a little more realistic, but i love this.

  4. as some one who resides in baltimore…Poe is pretty much everywhere,the Football team is the RAVENS.
    his name isnt out of common converstion at times..and dude,is pretty much a baltimore namesake.
    this is a very very cool tattoo,and worth more then a free beer or two at the local watering holes…nice!!

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