Don’t Bother to Get the Elevator, I’ll Just Jump Out the Window

We’ve posted a different rendering of this same shot of Al Bundy (né Ed O’Neill) and, my childhood (childlike?) devotion to Married … With Children aside, it’s interesting to see how drastically different two artists can approach the same subject matter (which I’m quite sure is this).

(Tattoo by Ray Lee at Blackletter Studio in Whittier, California.)

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21 thoughts on “Don’t Bother to Get the Elevator, I’ll Just Jump Out the Window

  1. it’s like a good life story: the first one is good and was posted by SL, and this one sucks really really bad

  2. I am unimpressed with either one but to judge the tattoo I would like to see the source image it (they) were derived from, I have seeen far too many protrait tattoos that looked nothing like the person only to see the photo it was drawn from and realize it was an anomally photo (and the tattoo was dead on) that caught the person in an odd moment where they looked wholly different than usual, this happens a lot if the image is a video capture

  3. god this is awful portrait there is so much garbage on this blog its like watching E! or a train wreck! i love it.

  4. It would be nice too look at the original image… but I don’t like his eyes… and the right side of whole face… it looks kinda weird…

  5. I’m pretty sure that up there is the link to the original photo.

    which i shall copy and paste here:

    I had no idea this was of Al Bundy until I read the caption and I was like nuh uh!
    The “different rendering” was identifiable but by then I’d already read who it was.

  6. he looks more like curly or shemp from the three stooges than al bundy… the original has the wrong shading…

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