Steve Truitt: Coming to a Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention Near You, in Philadelphia

So! That Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention that all the movie stars are talking about? Well, it just got 22.8 percent sexier, because the word is that Steve Truitt will be sharing a booth with noted gridskipper John Durante, offering cuttings and all that good stuff. Above is one of Truitt’s most recent pieces: a dainty lily! Your common StumbleUpon user is thoroughly disgusted.

As well, there is still space available for people/shops/etc. looking for booths. Visit the convention’s web site for details, or call Troy at 215-882-1362.

8 thoughts on “Steve Truitt: Coming to a Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention Near You, in Philadelphia

  1. Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention.. god, i swear ive heard it mentioned somewhere else.. hm, it’ll come to me….XD ..and just to stay in topic, very nice flower 🙂

  2. I have a strikingly similar tattoo with the colors of a tiger lily. It is by far my favorite and I even thought about getting it in a cutting instead of a tattoo, but I liked the colors too much.

  3. its amazing what artists are doing with this “new” genre.

    but, does performing such invasive work AT A CONVENTION, bother anyone besides myself?
    i mean that just sounds dangerous and disgusting…
    still i would like to think that professionals of such high calibur would take haelth & safety issues into account and hopefully they have devised some way(s) of addressing those issues.

    so i ask, what are the artists doing to prevent cross-contamination and threat of infection?
    have you set up separate rooms, away from the rest of the convention, to perform cuttings, etc?
    how do they insure sterile techniques & space in a convention environment?

    PS: sorry to Steve T. for bringing this stuff up in a post of your work. im definitely NOT aiming this just at you, but any advanced mod artist that performs this kind of work at convetions, public spaces, etc…

  4. Doing most cuttings is really no more invasive than doing a tattoo. We are working out of a seperate area than the tattoo artists though, and it’s no different to prevent cross contamination in a convention space than it is in a studio. And as far as infection goes, aseptic technique is always utilized, but once someone leaves the studio, convention, wherever they might have something done there is no way for the artist to control the threat of infection, that’s solely up to the person who got the work done.

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