This post-mastectomy tattoo was done by Joy Rumore at Twelve 28 Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York. I have to say, it’s hard not to be inspired by work like this.

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25 thoughts on “Pollyanna

  1. “It’s hard not to be inspired by work like this”.

    After losing my own mother to breast cancer at a young age, I’ve already prepared myself to give up my breasts if, heaven forbid, I am cursed with breast cancer. And already have a tattoo in my head that will cover the scars.
    I wish nothing but the best for the person who was nice enough to share this photo. It’s absolutely amazing, inspiring, and comforting…

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  3. That is inspiring, and so beautiful. Beautiful tattoo, and her breast is beautiful as she is :), lovely.

  4. That is so amazing! I cried like a baby looking at it, so inspiring, I wish u all the best.. So beautiful.. One hard woman :D xxx

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