Unsoiled by the World

It’s been a little while since we’ve featured Iestyn (more) on here, but this cutting is too good to pass over. Welcome back to ModBlog, old friend.

(Cutting by Iestyn at Diamond Jack’s in London, England.)

See more in Female Male Genital Scarification (Genital (and Atypical) Tattooing) (members only)

26 thoughts on “Unsoiled by the World

  1. Dude! Click-through! Not that I really want to see the muff, but the pixelation is so annoying that I can’t really appreciate the scar 🙁

  2. I’m imagining the scale of this, and this is some pretty precision work~
    Wonder the hairs will have any effect when they grow back?

  3. That’s really well done.

    But why is this considered obscene when we see pictures of cock all the time on modblog?

  4. Meeeeeerrrr click through. Haha.

    I love pubic mound cuttings, but I always wonder what shaving afterwards is like. I mean…I suppose with hair around it, it’d be pretty gross but…after it’s healed do you just have to be super careful?

  5. This is my scar, IAM Pulse if you want to see it without censorship. And no shaving is not impossible at all 🙂

  6. it might be the wearer’s choice for no clickthrough

    it’s a really beautiful scarification

  7. Kind of mad. Wanted this but more of a said view, althought possibly in whitey pink ink. This is a lot more bad ass and so so perfect. The pubic mound is a great canvas 😛

    Ya what’s with that little thingy under zee vajaja. I enjoy it I thought it was funny lol

  8. i really dont think a click through is needed here you can fully see the intent of the post and to show the rest would be taking away from the main point (not that i personally wouldn’t love to see the rest)

    i must say that was probably pretty intense getting cut there, but it looks beautiful.

  9. I was actually sad when I realised there was no clickthrough. Only modblog could make me sad about not being able to unpixilate genitals.

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