29 thoughts on “Just Beyond Your Grasp

  1. what a fantastic idea! seems to be for someone creative… that´s what the tattoo symbolizes to me :)

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  3. LOVE IT! So artistic and creative.. but the “flowers” that curl around the buttonflyes.. are they like scars ? ’cause they seem to be sticking out a bit.. I’d LOVE if they were ;D

  4. No scars Nicklas just fresh work, slightly soar and abit swollen. Thanks for all the kind words people, i will let my partner know she did good :)

  5. I love it! Always wanted a tattoo on my ribcage near my breasteses (like a boobscape instead of a cockscape hehe), you think that would be a good area in case of weight gain? Its the only thing keeping me from getting it!

  6. this is one of the nicest i have seen. lovely stuff. :)
    it makes me want lovelyness but be scared it wont be as lovely as this.

  7. this is so adorable. i really love this tattoo. it’s so creative and unique :)

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