She’s So Vein!

Last Wednesday Nae (featured previously) went under the scalpel and had two implants (cherry blossom and plum blossom) inserted by Mister Potty Mouth in New York! Some procedural shots after the break..

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Yep, that’s a vein!

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28 thoughts on “She’s So Vein!

  1. Pleeeeeeease send a pic once it’s healed, I’m sure it will look beautiful!

  2. man that looks like it would be quite painful. i hope it turns out well for you.

  3. looks like it should heal nicely! I’m always surprised at how much someone actually has to push in order to get one of those through a tiny little incision!

  4. My other hand is done too! Poor right hand… No one loves it. They are still all wrapped up, swollen, and bruised. I’ll take pictures once they aren’t scary looking :)

  5. I never had an implant (and i dont plan on getting one, not my thing)

    just wondering, how painful is it?

  6. I guess i COULD have made the incision bigger. I’m just too proud for that, though ;)

  7. i googled cherry blossom and the plum blossom looks pretty similar whats the diffrence?

  8. They match the scars on my ribs. The cherry blossom and plum blossoms that I have scarred and that Brian carved have different petals

  9. that vein poppin out in the first photo freaks me out! ha, but it looks sweet! just wondering how much that actually hurts, or if its really even felt, considerig the layers in which its worked in

  10. wow. i can’t wait to see what they look like healed. the pain must’ve been pretty incredible.

    nae, i LOVE your hair. it looks like a my little pony mane!

  11. You should take pictures !
    love it, looks awesome !
    i wonder how painful this whole process.

    btw, scary pictures are welcome too ;)
    oh, cool song too haha

  12. Brian is fucking amazing. He has SKILLS.

    Its always nice to see all the shoving that is required to get a implant it.

    I can’t wait for him to do my implants tooooo! :)

  13. Push, squeeze, press :-) Amazing how small the incision is, and how big the implant. Great stuff this silicone… Hope it heals well!

  14. hly god nae you are bad fucking ass. and that is such a pretty piece of silicone. brian didja carve that? boys got skillzzzz

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  17. Those are absolutey beautiful, and kudos to the great idea of getting a plum blossom. I cant think of anything horribly original for my implants, thus I haven’t gotten any yet…
    I wonder, since they seem signifigantly sized, do they affect your range of motion in your hand due to tightness or something?

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