Tattoo Removal by Scalpel

Thiago sends us this set of photos from a tattoo removal he did while in Curitiba, Brazil … only instead of using frickin’ lasers, he just cut the sucker off. Procedural photos after the jump.

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23 thoughts on “Tattoo Removal by Scalpel

  1. woah. that looks a little deep to me, but I’m not expert. interesting idea… i hope it works out!

  2. Tattoo removal by incision has been around for many many years. If you’re OK with a scar, then it’s quite effective…and it really is the fastest way to remove it

  3. It seems like it would be uncomfortable at first because your skin would be tight.

  4. It might also be uncomfortable because of the giant incision in your hand
    Maybe it’s just me though

  5. do these said lasers happen to be attached to frickin sharks’ frickin heads?

  6. The skin would probably stretch with use and become just as flexible as the other hand in time, but yeah I can imagine it being slightly ‘tight’ for a while in that area.

  7. jesus… the removal looks a bit too deep to me. it´s not a mole. I´m very interested in the result after healing

  8. this also works if you have a cool tat but you don’t like the location, you can just get it sewed back on somewhere else or onto a friend

  9. haha i did this too, left a small scar like 2mm x 2mm, squarish,
    its pretty awesome thou.
    i kept picking at it that’s why its not a straight scar
    9- i thought the same thing
    16- lol, funny, we should start passing down tattoos to children when they come of certain ages thru your technique =P

  10. Korova – I’ve actually seen photos of this being done on a “medium-sized” back piece.
    You have to do it a piece at a time. Quite brutal, though. I’ll just stick with lasers, if needbe…

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