Weather Changes Moods

The last time we featured Rachel, she was just cold layin’ in the tub, covered in pomegranate seeds, acting as the physical manifestation of complex math theories. This time, well, she’s showing off her fancy new scarification piece by Charles Finnie at Eye of the Lotus in Edmonton, Alberta.

EDIT: Whoops! This cutting is actually on Zara, and Rachel just took the pictures. Thank you to the several thousand people who declined the opportunity to call me a jackass and very graciously corrected me.

See more in Charles Finnie Sacrification Portfolio (Scarification)

11 thoughts on “Weather Changes Moods

  1. This is not rachel. This is Zara (uptown). Rachel was there for the procedure and took the pictures which is why they are in her blog. Rachel is not brown.

  2. What a jackass you are, Jordan. Seriously. Do your research, why don’t you? You will not make this putt…….JACKASS!

  3. Rachel may not be the same type of brown as me, but she is definitely brown.

    Anyways… Modblogged in sweatpants? How will I ever live this down!? <3

  4. I’d be more concerned that you’re blatantly striking a ‘breaking wind’ pose :p

    Love the scar work. Seriously good stuff 😀


  5. I thought not clicking the little ‘link to my iam page’ box would be sufficient. I wish I was cool enough to have this on me =(. I agree with Zara on what comes out of her ass.

  6. And i may be a similar colour, but definitely not this thin, or this able to have non-rejecting navel piercings.

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