Evolution of a Mermaid

… in reverse! Leftie01‘s sultry mermaid here was tattooed by Sean Herman at Royal Street Tattoo in Mobile, Alabama. The chrysalid stages are after the jump.

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22 thoughts on “Evolution of a Mermaid

  1. there’s something about it that’s making me go, that’s sweet! but it could be sweeter..

  2. Wow, so nicely done, and such a neat combination of realism and cartoon.

    I always find I like the initial linework best, even more than the finished tattoo (which obviously shows far much more skill in the art that the lines alone would) but it may just be the minimalist in me.

  3. I’m confused. So if the latter two photos are the chrysalid stage, are you implying that the outline is the pupal stage and the fully colored image is the “butterfly” stage — if you will. Or are you saying that the cocoon stage of a mermaid is a merely deficiency in skin (and scale) pigmentation?

    her eyes are creeping me out something fierce…
    but i really don’t like the perspective, the tail seems way too short for the body.

  5. it took me a while to realise that was a thigh and now i think i like it even more than if it were on an arm.
    looks great.

  6. The face/chest/arms look really good but like #7 I’m not sure on the perspective of the tail, but it is a difficult sort of angle to illustrate. It looks like maybe you should be able to see more of her torso below the chest to indicate the curve of the spine, rather than it looking like the tail joins straight into her armpits.

  7. something about the shell bra doesnt flow with the whole piece like it doesnt connect or something but still it look good

  8. i agree with #7, the eyes are pretty creepy. love the depth, not too sure about the combination of colors in the hair though.

  9. Oh my, I dont understand much about tattooing, but something about drawning/art and that colouring and lining looks kind of.. hmm.. weird? But it’s still pretty and nice piece.

  10. hmmm, definitely agree with 6… liked it more before the colour.
    really great placement though.

  11. That one line……the tail to the hair….it’s killing me. otherwise, beautiful

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