Fap Indeed!

This nice biomechanical piece, scary hidden eyeball and all, comes to us from Fap (Fap!) at Rapid Needle Movement in Longwy, France. Between said eyeball, the excellent placement and the fact that the artist’s name is Fap (Fap!), this one was pretty much destined for ModBlog from day one.

25 thoughts on “Fap Indeed!

  1. wow this is really amazing…like I’ve seen people attempt this and this is by far the best I’ve ever seen!

  2. I think with BioMech a piece is either great or not and this is ILL. I love it when BioMech is more bio than mech…

  3. Damn, that is really the best I ave seen of that kind… You can see inside him!

  4. Il claque vraiment celui-là. on sent la grande maîtrise du dermo derrière ce tatoo!!!!

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