The Man With the World’s Most Tasteless Tattoos

Mike Beer and his offensive tattoos have received their fair share of attention on ModBlog, and the reaction has been … mixed, to say the least. Since the dawn of time, humans have wondered what goes through the mind of a person who devotes his skin to tattoos of jokes about child rape, transsexuals and gay Nazis. Today, we get a little closer to answering these questions.

Note: Most of the tattoos featured in this interview have been featured previously on ModBlog.

BME: First of all, tell us about yourself.

Mike Beer: Well, I lived in Northern Virginia my whole life, but recently moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey, to play in my band, Call The Paramedics, full time, as well as to be surrounded by assholes like myself. I have been getting tattooed since I was about 17 and am now about to turn 23. My first tattoo was a small hand-poked pentagram on my ankle, which I have had fixed so that it no longer looks like garbage, but I’ve had mad love for Satan since the beginning.

Humor is very important to me. However, since I would say I am rather desensitized to almost everything, the things that are hilarious to me are not very amusing to others, which is what brings us to this interview.

BME: Indeed it does. Have you always been an attention whore?

MB: Yes, I’ve been an attention whore for pretty much as long as I can remember — mainly because, when I was real little, my parents would beat me, lock me in the cellar, and occasionally make me put put on sex shows with our German Shepherd for them and all their friends while they would drink moonshine and throw dixie cups of scalding hot water on me. (Throughout my childhood, our dog Roxy was my best friend.)

I guess nowadays I’m just finding my outlet for all the pain and humiliation I endured as a kid … or maybe I just want to have an excuse to take off my clothes in front of strangers and everything I just said was a lie. Who really knows?

BME: Alright, enough of your yarns. How would you describe your sense of humor? What’s funny to you?

MB: I’d have to say my sense of humor is a cross between “modern” and extremely ignorant. I’ll make a joke out of anything: cripples, old people, blacks, Jews, Mexicans, whites … and any other things I may have forgotten. Your dog dies? Funny. You have a death in the family? Funny. A girl and her boyfriend have been trying for a long time to have a child, they finally get pregnant and eight months into the pregnancy she has a miscarriage? Hilarious. But don’t worry folks, whatever I dish out I can take in return.

BME: So it’s less to do with being funny and more to do with being an awful human being. Got it. Anyway, your declaration of love for Satan aside, what was the first “offensive” tattoo you got? Tell us about it.

MB: First “offensive” tattoo I got was the man with a pussy eating himself on my leg, although nobody ever really found it to be offensive. Shortly after getting that, I got the chick with a cock shitting on herself. Both tattoos were done by Eric Doyle at Jinx Proof Tattoo in Washington, D.C. Many people were not happy with chick with the cock, so I’d consider those my first offensive tattoos. I originally just wanted the guy eating himself and at the last minute decided he should have a pussy. The idea for the chick with the cock was merely an attempt at some kind of symmetry on my legs. And again, the poop was added last minute.

BME: Hey, when you’re right, you’re right — the poop certainly adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the piece. What came next?

MB: If I’m not mistaken, the white power unicorn tattoo came next. It was all downhill from there.

BME: The white power unicorn is offensive to pretty much every imaginable group. What was the thought process behind that one? Did you feel like you were crossing a certain threshold once you got a Nazi swastika tattooed on you, the ridiculous context and the fact that it was for the sake of a joke notwithstanding?

MB: The Nazi unicorn was also pretty spontaneous. My buddy Jason wanted to tattoo this piece of unicorn flash and couldn’t find anyone who wanted it, and I was obviously game under certain conditions — that is, I told him it had to be the most hateful unicorn ever. The best reaction I’ve ever gotten was, “How could something so beautiful be so ugly?”

For the record, I am not a Nazi — I just like to make fun of everything. People need to lighten up, and if they don’t like what I’m about? That’s fine with me, join the rest of the crowd. I didn’t really feel like I crossed over some kind of line, but that is pretty much when I decided that damn near every tattoo I got from then on needed to come close or outdo the last one, and I’ve been making good progress, with plans for much more.

BME: Have you gotten any memorably bad reactions to your work?

MB: Nothing that really stands out. I’ve noticed my mom on several occasions looking at the trannies on my legs; she knows that they are there but never really says anything. I’d imagine she is just bottling it up deep down inside and never letting it out. I’ve had trannies actually come up to me after they saw my legs, and they thought it was hilarious. Surprisingly enough I’ve gotten the most negative response on here, which is funny because some of the most horrible things I’ve seen were on BME. It’s kind of ironic.

BME: While I’ve got you here, why don’t you tell me a bit about your band.

MB: Well, I play drums in Call The Paramedics. We’re Atlantic City–based scumbag death rock. I guess our music could be described as Cannibal Corpse raping AC/DC while El Duce narrates. We attack the crowd, our singer cuts his face open, I blow fire, and this is all accompanied with massive amounts of cocaine. I’ve been told the music is pretty good too. You could say we’re for fans of GG Allin, rape, dirty needles, golden showers, cars parked in front of handicapped ramps, elderly shut-ins, and people broke down on the side of the road due to massive car pile ups from wandering stray dogs on the highway.

BME: Well, that sounds … great. Does anything offend you? Do you think it’s possible to go too far? Humor me here.

MB: Eh, not really. There are plenty of things that I think are wrong, but it doesn’t mean I won’t make a joke out of it. For example, I love animals, but I just got a dog in a kennel being put down tattooed on my leg. I would probably never rape a little kid, but I have “It’s rape time” with candy and little kids’ body parts tattooed on me, and so on. I live in an area and am friends with some of the most rotten people on the planet; around here it’s an ongoing battle of who can really lower the bar. I just want to fit in, you know?

BME: Nice of you to mention that you’d “probably” never rape a little kid. Classy. So where do you go from here?

MB: Aside from hell?  There is nowhere to go but down. Oh, for all the ladies on here, holla at me. I’m a great “bring-home-to-the-parents” kind of guy.

* * *

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156 thoughts on “The Man With the World’s Most Tasteless Tattoos

  1. interesting…I’m not really sure how I feel about him. I can’t judge him because everyone has their own opinion and take on life. His is just a rather unique case

  2. Oh my god! Your my hero 😀 the balls to make fun of things others wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole!

    Marry me?

  3. haha. Mike is riot.
    I’m fairly sure he flagged me the other night at the bar for drinking too much. I could be wrong though.
    So he’s a humanitarian in disguise.

  4. Oy where to start? I guess maybe it’s just me, but being out offend everyone in a very permanent way seems dirty and inhumane and distasteful, but maybe that’s just because I’m a humanitarian and civil rights activist. Unfortunately for me and the people who I work with/for, people who choose to do things like this put our causes back by several decades.

  5. “ooh, I’m an activist!”

    What pushes back causes is people taking everything too seriously. There’s a great example in the book Freakonomics of a guy who infiltrated the KKK, learned their secret passwords, and then used them in kids’ radio programs. The best way to take power from a hate group is to make them the butt of a joke, and Mike seems to be doing quite a literal job of that.

  6. And I thought the world couldn’t be more magical, Go Mike! I like the dog being put down tattoo

  7. I think that man is hilarious. He is just doin what he wants, not what everyone wants him to. Its crazy how everyone is taking him seriously.

  8. great article ^^ i’ve been curious about this guy since i’ve saw the “white power” really didn’t offend me, a nazi wouldn’t do a tattoo like that xD i’ve found it hilarious…and the “rape time” tattoo?people commented on that saying that if someone knew or have been raped wouldn’t find that funny…but that’s just another way of facing things, some people bottle all up, some people make fun of it and then move on…i think that’s the better way, facing it and then keep going with your life…

    i’m an animal lover, i don’t accept raping and child-abuse, i’m a supporter of gay marriage…and i can laugh at jokes making fun of it…people take everything too serious….

    …oh…and i wouldn’t mind bringing him home to my parents xD that would be quite an adventure…

  9. I think hes pretty damn funny myself. My only problem with his tattoos were that some of them could have been preformed better, but that dog one looks like it was executed great!

    Keep it up mike, im a fan!

  10. This guy is funny as fuck! The gaping anal tattoo on his leg is classic. i agree with him on the fact that you cant say shit about being offended with some of the shit thats on this website, really get over it. His tattoos are funny.

  11. hahaha, all of you people who are trying to lash out at him by saying things like “lynch him” are just making him get an even bigger kick out of what he’s done. mike is piece of shit, a dear piece of shit.

  12. Lynch him?
    Lets just make sure I’ve got this correct…
    If someone things differently than you, lynch them?
    That about it?

    Sounds familiar.

  13. Not tattoos I would want to get, but I gotta laugh. He’s doing life his way and with a great sense of irony. People are ridiculous and he’s showing us how ridiculous we can be.

  14. awesome.
    frankly, i was huge fan of this guy’s tattoos… until he got the rape time one. even then i would have been fine with it if it didnt imply child rape. that just went way over the line for me. i kinds get what he’s going for, ive known plenty of moronic scumbags who do the same. but still, i cant help but hope he gets some jail time someday so he can understand first hand why joking about child rape goes way over the line. Even then im not with the lynching crowd…yet. we all get to speak our mind and have our opinions. until they act on it, they got every right.
    but the day he diddles some kid is when he loses that right and should be fitted with a rope. personally i think lynching would be too nice.

    anyways, cheers to Mike Beers and his bright future as a prison bitch.

    PS: way to go BME!
    you continue to give attention to the wrong people and help support the filth that makes all modified people look like scum. stupid, just plain stupid.

  15. This guy seems hilarious. Too bad the interviewer talked down to him the whole time. What happened to this site?

  16. I love his nazi unicorn tattoo. The first time I saw it I couldn’t stop laughing.

  17. Funny tattoos, but this interview is ALMOST as much of a joke as the one with that skullboy kid, who was just a stupid no-future streetpunk who took nothing seriously. Don’t get me wrong, taking things less seriously than they should be can be useful in the right context, but contributing NOTHING to society allows for the rest of it to look down their noses at him and spit on him when he’s sleeping in a gutter on the side of the road.

  18. fucking awesome. people do need to lighten up. hilarious offensive tattoos FTW!

  19. The gay dog tat is well done but the rape one looks like it’s been done by an actual child who’s being raped. It’s terrible!

  20. Not funny, at all.

    Not because I’m offended by the tattoos (I am, mildly, by some, and not by others, but it really doesn’t matter much either way). But because he’s simply trying too hard.

    Irony requires a certain subtlety which is definitely missing here.

    In the end, it’s none of my business what anyone wants to put on their skin, I just hope for you you never grow out of this shallow, kind of adolescent sense of humor.

  21. i think his tattoos are hilarious.
    and when i saw the dog one i thought it was cute rather than cruel, hahaha.
    though, the nazi unicorn still remains my favourite.

  22. I have a pretty tasteless sense of humor a lot of the time, as do some of my friends, but this guy can out do them all haha. I don’t personally find any of his tattoos to be offensive, my favorite is probably the nazi unicorn, or the dude eating himself. But that’s mostly due to a terrible fascination with cannibalism. Anyway, this dude is pretty cool, but his puppy tattoo makes me want to cry haha.

  23. Don’t find any of them personally offensive,in fact kinda funny,except the dog one.He looks so sad! I could never stand to see those eyes all the time! At the end of the day though,his body,his choice.

  24. “PS: way to go BME!
    you continue to give attention to the wrong people and help support the filth that makes all modified people look like scum. stupid, just plain stupid.” -Heretic138

    I would say yes, WAY TO GO BME! I think it’s creative, unique, fun, and crazy! Also, Heretic138, you say that bme gives attention to the wrong people?! Aren’t you just giving more attention to the personal art of one persons choice? “Help support the filth that makes modified people look like…”, i also thought this was trash. You probably have ear piercings, or a tongue piercing, or generic tattoos, right? Well, those all started out “taboo” and “trashy”, and over time, with opened minded people, it has become less of “your problem”. Maybe Heretic138 just needs to read what he wrote and look at himself a little closer.

    Mike, i salute you for being original and creative…

  25. It’s not that I am offended by his tattoos. And I get that they can by funny. But I don’t think that they accomplish much. The irony will only last for so long. And child rape? I guess it is easy to laugh about it if it hasn’t happened to you or someone you know. Somehow I doubt that someone who was a rape victim would get the humour in the tattoo.

  26. I don’t find any of the tattoos offensive.
    I think, they’d have their time to be funny.
    But I’d rather have my funny time spent in JPEG, not on my body..

  27. Tattoos have to accomplish something now?
    Shit… I need to pay better attention to Miami Inked.
    And yes. Im sure a child rape victim wouldn’t find the humor of that tattoo… but the last time I checked, we didn’t have to clear the images we get tattooed on us through some sort of filter….

  28. “blah blah blah someone’s personal choices who have no effect on me whatsoever absolutely offend me so I’m going to say that he’s an awful human being and that we should lynch him.”

    oh fuckin jeez. lighten up, people.

  29. For people who thought my “lynching” comment was serious, click the link to my page. A little investigation goes a long way 😉

  30. ditto on the trying to hard comment. way to go, man, you have the weirdest collection of tattoos ever. really, really good job.

    nonconformity for the sake of nonconformity is for fucking 14 year olds.

  31. great….you ‘haters’ are proving whats wrong with the world today…i bet most of you people that do not like his tats, or ideals are from USA too…last i remember America was the land of the free!! yet no one wants anyone to be ‘free’ to do what they want…

    i love his tats, and ideals…even though as been stated some look like they were done by a child…but maybe thats the point in those tats…

    laughter is the best medicine…

  32. #47, you’re right. As a rape survivor, the trauma completely destroyed my sense of irony and black humor– oh wait, no, I’m still the same thinking human being I always was, and not some broken doll that needs idiots to protect my imagined fragility from OMG TASTELESS JOKES. You may be well intentioned, but really, you’re infantilizing the people you’re trying to speak for, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s to give yourself some kind of holier-than-though white-knight power trip. At the expense of rape victims.

    Anyway, while the motivation behind the tattoos seems rather simplistic and perhaps immature, and the humor is a bit on par with sixth grade gross out contests, I can’t deny that the thought of someone walking around with a candy colored white power unicorn makes me giggle a tiny bit, and I’m always cool with making racists the subject of mockery. The “It’s rape time!” tattoo is no more offensive to me than any other “let’s use the shock value of something truly vile to evoke cheap laffs” gag– remember that if Mr. Beer wasn’t aware that child rape was widely considered heinous, there’d be no humor to him in the tattoo. (Or in what I took as an obvious joke when he said he’d “probably” never rape a child. Are there really people dumb enough to believe that, if he did want to rape kids, he’d be dumb enough to talk about it casually? Then again, if there are people stupid enough to believe that, there could be a kidfucker equally so, but I digress.)

    And I could totally see someone who was radical about animal rights getting that puppy tattoo. Then again, I can totally see a watersports enthusiast getting that urinal tattoo, showing that like so much art, it’s all about context.

  33. It’s a shame he doesn’t still live in Virginia. Because I do, and I would love to beat the fuck out of him.

  34. Rofl, even better. I’m a drummer as well, and let me say. You’re aweful lul.

  35. shit the bed. did I strike a nerve? someone touch your wee wee when you were little. maybe your mom is white and your stepdad is black and it eats you up inside. I come to VA all the time, shoot me a message sometime, we can link up.

    to everyone else who has a sense of humor, or atleast an open mind, thank you. I had a blast doing this interview, nothing but respect for everyone doing their thing at BME and keeping it going.

    one luv

  36. Good God Jordan….

    Could you have you have handled that any worse?
    You have the steadfast demeanor of a hormone replacement patient on an overdose.
    Thanks again for contributing to the demise of modblog.

    Shannon, I miss you so much in these dark, dark times.

  37. #56 – “holier-than-thou white-night power trip”. Please don’t judge someone if you don’t know them. You’re right – I get my kicks at the expense of rape victims.

  38. i totally don’t see euthanasia depicted in the dog one.. and im a vet tech! to me it just looks like a sad dog with an IVC (which by the way, is def. wrapped differently in real life than in the tattoo) i mean, you can’t even see “the pink juice” in the line… maybe i’ve just seen way to many euths

  39. having spent a convention or two with mike, i have nothing but awe and respect.
    to have something that terrible permanantly on you takes balls and a great sense of humor.
    keep rockin

  40. Maybe spending time with too many 13 year olds has desensitised me, but that’s just pathetic. Arseholes are arseholes, regardless of how ironic/humourous/edgy they think they are.

  41. That white supremist unicorn tattoo has been one of my favourites since I first saw it, it always sticks in my mind and I often bring it up in conversations about ‘best tattoos ever’ XD The “How could something so beautiful be so ugly?” comment really made me laugh. Rather than be offended, I think this CAN be turned around into something positive – at least he is putting it out there, makes you think like “yeah, child rape is bad! lets go volunteer or donate some money for abused kids” or “aww that poor puppy, lets support the RSPCA!” or “Nazis are bad, I’m going to go hug my Jewish best friend!”. See, like it or not, the bitching and whining and being offended in a blog comment isn’t actually getting anything done, is it? It is always my initial reaction to be annoyed by these types of tattoos, because I know what it is like to be treated like a retard just for having tattoos, and this doesn’t really help, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that bitching in a blog isn’t going to put a stop to that attitude or stop people getting whatever they want tattooed on them. Just makes it worse guys.

  42. Cool chestpiece, and the puppy’s really well done. Don’t like the other ones, though…
    I don’t agree with offensive tats, but you’re a living challenge to anyone who fills his/her mouth with freedom words and then judges people like you…
    Keep it up!

  43. A) I’m not “hatin’”, I’m just expressing a personal taste, and god knows we don’t all have to agree on one.
    B) No, fuzzy nuts, I’m not American, I don’t care for patriotism in any guise anyways, and way to go reducing it to some assumed national stereotype.
    C) Did I ever, anywhere, say dude shouldn’t get those partictular tattoos, shouldn’t offend whoever the hell he pleases? In fact, did anyone in this thread say that?

    I’m just sayig that while funny is often offensive, offensive doesn’t automatically equal funny. And whatever you get done to yourself, don’t expect everyone to stand up and applaude just because we make use of the same freedoms and the same techniques.
    If you want to make an olympic discipline out of getting bad tattoos, be my guest. But you put yourself out there inviting people to comment, and comment they will.

    And it amuses me that all kinds of people throw themselves into this debate to defend Mike’s bad tastes, except Mike himself.
    Now there’s the one thing he and I probably agree on: you know what they say about arguing over the internet…

  44. #27
    “PS: way to go BME!
    you continue to give attention to the wrong people and help support the filth that makes all modified people look like scum. stupid, just plain stupid.”

    I completely agree. I happen to find some of his work funny, but I think it does contribute to making all of us look like scummy assholes. Couldn’t ModBlog focus on good work in general? I miss Shannon.

    #46, Randolph, just because someone doesn’t agree with you start flaming them saying they’re trash and that they’ve probably only got an ear and a tongue piercing? Right. I agree with Heretic 138 and believe me I’m not lacking in the visible mod department.

  45. Humor is always the best way of dealing with shit. Listen, I love this guys tattoos and I think they’re fucking hilarious. People who get offended need to get the Hell over themselves. And to #8, the “activist,” your self-righteousness is more of a plea for attention than Mike Beer’s is.

    Words and symbols only have the power you give them, if you choose to get offended, then you’re someone who accepts the shame of history and thinks that people don’t get victimized every day. The world is harsh, cold, and sometimes children get raped. I’d rather laugh about it than worry and offend myself into suicide.

  46. Not to make a habit of these sorts of explanations, but…

    To people suggesting that this sort of article makes all tattooed people look bad: The article is entitled “The Man With the World’s Most Tasteless Tattoos.” The introduction to the article specifically makes note of the fact that when his tattoos have been featured on BME, the reaction has been very mixed. That is to say, efforts were made to indicate that Mr. Beer and his taste for the obscene are by no means the norm for tattooed and otherwise body-modified people.

    As well, when Mr. Beer’s tattoos have been featured on ModBlog in the past, more than once, it was requested that he be interviewed. He has now been interviewed. The subject matter was decidedly low-brow and not particularly serious, and I thought the tone of the interview should reflect that.

    Lastly and conversely, when my interview with the very thoughtful and intelligent Diego was posted a little while ago, very few people commented about what a relief it was to see modified people being portrayed as intelligent and thoughtful—in fact, very few people commented at all. Sometimes, it’s hard not to think that some people prefer to join the conversation when they have something to complain about.

  47. Just for the record, Mike Beer, is as genuinely and honestly fucked up of a person as I have ever met. When people constantly remind me I am going to hell, I take comfort in knowing Mike will be with me. Amen, brother.

  48. Re Shawn 71;
    That’s what I meant, sorry if it was badly worded: Mike doesn’t seem to feel he needs to defend himself, but everyone else is sort of picking up a cause he doesn’t even seem to have.

  49. jordan ur a fucking wanker all the questions u gave the guy were in a really sarcastic type of

    u beta have agd reason for this

    the guys got sum rpetty gd tattoos

    and hes true bme is the place 2 find some of the most offence tattoos

    plus theirs loads of nazi on here
    and yes i have a gd understand of the crux gammata

  50. Suggestion: While insulting someone, your opinion may be taken into consideration if you have grammar skills at an seventh grade level or higher.

  51. “nonconformity for the sake of nonconformity is for fucking 14 year olds” is kinda what I thought when I read this… though that probably isn’t really the point.

    The white power unicorn is just too good (:

  52. Dude Mike Beer is the shit, Ive known this kid for awhile, stand up guy, class act. hah

  53. The interview just makes him seem like an idiot, which may be what he intended, but really, what is the point? He’s another person who has basically nothing to say — he just happens to have lots of tattoos, and even they aren’t that interesting, except for the fact that they’re so obviously calculated to offend. And that would only be truly interesting if there was a reason for it, beyond a long, boring, stupid joke that isn’t even funny.

  54. this guy is a waste. why not get tattoos that actually mean something instead of ignorant shit like that. all in all, hes a piece of shit in my eyes

  55. I have the same exact humor as this guy. ha. Maybe I should drive over there and kidnap him and make him hang out with me even if he doesn’t want to.

  56. I am all for doing what floats your boat, but after reading the interview, he really seems like a tool.

  57. I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about him but I loved the article – cheers Jordan!

  58. “jordan ur a fucking wanker”=
    best. comment. ever. so articulate.

    also, i took the picture of the kennel dog. so i technically made modblog.

  59. pretty tasteless in fact. I just think he’s got a pretty sick sense of humor and is obvioously making fun out of the one who is interviewing him. looks immature for me, but still harmless… I really think that making fun out of tragedy can be nice to the ones who are suffering from it, but… he is way far the limits for me. thought I can’t accuse him of being a bad person. just an idiot.

  60. Shawn Porter:

    i wanna go spit on noncontributing pieces of shit with you!
    rape time play date anyone?!

  61. Haha…I love the White Power Unicorn.

    I think a tattoo of a Teletubby doing a goatse/inserting the kid-faced sun would be quite fun.

    People are so horrified of humor.

  62. I’m not particularly offended by people who go out of their way to be offensive, it’s a waste of time and energy. honestly, this guy’s pretty fucking boring.

  63. reading that interview was a waste of my time, oh people what´s the point in interviewing a person that has nothing to say? Irony can only go so far…

  64. yeah uh i’m not really not one to judge,
    i dgaf honestly,
    everyone does their own thing, if their down for what they do then their chill,
    this guy is down,
    he has balls, he speaks his mind and makes his jokes through his tattoos and doesn’t give a fuck what others
    think about it,
    keep at it,
    stay individual and don’t fall into the crowd people

  65. wow that is some funny ink.. i love the nazi unicorn. i am not a racist but its a pisser.

  66. I have to say, this man’s tattoos are amazing, my sense of humor.
    people need to realize that life is a damn joke, don’t take it so seriously.
    if you take it seriously, you are just part of what we’re making fun of.

  67. Jesus, if your that upset about ModBlog then stop reading it and stop complaining about.
    His tattoos are friggen hilarious, my fav. is the white power unicorn.

  68. Coming from someone with ‘slut’ tattooed very near my ass… Who am I to judge? Haha. He’s a super rad guy from what I can tell. I’d totally do him and bring him home to mom. 😛

  69. LMFAO!!!! I have the same sort of sense of humour so i think it’s cool that he has the balls to get such ‘offensive’ tattoos. They don’t offend me at all, they make me laugh… Even the kid rape one!! I’d never rape a kid or anything but the tattoo is still funny.

    At the end of the day, it’s his body, he can have whatever tattoos he wants on it, if people don’t like it then it’s tough shit, it’s not their body… Nobody is saying THEY have to get tattoos like that.

  70. I think they’re horrible, hideous, disgusting, not funny at all tattoos, but it’s his body, so let him do what he wants with it. I’ve always though that the goal of body mods is to change the appearance of your body in a way that is unique to you. I guess he just wants to make his body uniquely ugly. And that’s his right. If you don’t like it, then close your eyes. Or look at something else.

    Also, it took me like…ten minutes of staring to see that the unicorn tattoo was on his butt. LMAO!

  71. Its not that the guy is a bad guy for being unique or having a odd sense of humor. Its just so offensive to all types of people, not your chest piece or pentagram. Theres nothing wrong with being Atheist. Although you did mention something about Satan which is just stupid. My point is why so offensive to everyone? You probably wouldnt mind tattoos on someone offending you but can you be a little bit more polite? Its just so much…I dont see why you want to have that on your body forever? Your only 23…was it? NOT trying to offend you, its awesome your doing what you like im just curious about a few things. ;P thats all.

  72. Loser. Getting tattoos based on what other people find offensive means he’s doomed to spending his life based on other peoples thoughts and opinions. Sheep.

  73. At first when reading this, I thought it was hateful, inhumane, and every other negative word you can think of. But I realized that this was just his way of dealing with the world and all the negativity out there. Terrible things happen ever day that we all have to deal with, and sometimes, the best way to deal with it is to laugh. Would I go out of my way to make fun of some one? No. But I do try to find some form of humor in every situation. This guy just seems like a morbid optimist.

    In a way, I am able to compare him to a political cartoonist and others like them, who are able to get a message across through humor. It opens our eyes to all of our problems. And if anything else, makes us think “I definitely don’t want to be like them, so how can I make myself a better person?”.

  74. So, I agree with the people who think this guy’s got a great attitude.. I have no tattoos myself at age 24 though I’ve imagined getting one or two, but mine wouldn’t be anything meaningful..

    ..point of post: I didn’t realize at first the location of the white power tat.. I literally did a double-take. Then I laughed aloud.

    Thanks BME 🙂

  75. Very interesting to see what kind of people think that tattoos about child rape are hilarious. Sure, he can get whatever the hell he wants tattooed on him in the end. This guy is an absolute sheep, trying to raise the shock value based off of what other’s think.

    It must suck to be a talentless hack who has nothing going for him. But, just so *some* of the incredibly intelligent BME users understand: I’m 100% for expression, and I respect him for that, but I’m also 100% in favor of laughing at how pathetic he is and how much of a hack he will always be. It must suck to be an outcast in the world, and I’m quite sure many BME users will understand this (or, more likely, don’t realize it).

  76. whats so bad about a chick with a dick taking a shit? not so hideous really must happen all the trying to be offended but im not. the white power unicorn looks like my little pony .. does anyone take white supremacists seriously these days? arent they just fat old white guys with tiny dicks? .er..kid rape..well its not something you’d do on a first date. i suppose it upsets most people so has some value?… kind of boring..the last taboo.. something must offend me.

  77. as a vegan, bi sexual, buddhist, rape victim, who hates ignorance, discrimination, trashyness, violence, animal cruelty and hates pointless stupid tattooes, i find this man to be refreshing, humourous, unbiased and probably one of the most respectable human beings alive.
    if we believe in freedom of speech we must respect the people we dont likes freedom of speech too, and this man, has the balls to laugh about everything.
    you only have the moment, so why not?

  78. this guys probably a bitch and has never experienced crazy shit or trauma, the only crazy shit he may experience is what he brings upon himself which he might think is intense….virginia?? fuckin goody good wanting to be rebellious and took it too far, and stuck with it for life haha, and if this guy goes to prison for cocaine like he said, he is fucked with those tattoos.

  79. every human gets bored within 2 or 3 years on average with most of the things… including tatoos. Useless

  80. I now have restored faith in humanity!
    I can’t believe people don’t like this and want to ‘lynch him’ etc.
    Lynch him? Fucking make him president more like!

  81. To all those people saying “I bet a rape victim wouldn’t find it funny” and similar.

    I’m a rape victim, and nothing offends me more than people who haven’t experienced that taking it upon themselves to defend those who have. Get off your high horses. As Nicole (#56) was saying- I’m not a broken, traumatised person. I still have a sense of humour. Stop being so patronising and get over yourselves!

    Personally, I think his tattoos are fantastic. Not anything that I would have myself, but he is staying true to himself and doing what he wants to, regardless of what others think. I say good on him- much more interesting than those thousands of rose tattoos with “Mum” written underneath.

  82. I’m going to have to agree with Bob and david. It didn’t offend me, but it didn’t make me laugh either. And this guy acknowledging how bad of a person he is? IIt sounds like he’s just trying to look cool by acting rebellious.

  83. “You may be well intentioned, but really, you’re infantilizing the people you’re trying to speak for, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s to give yourself some kind of holier-than-though white-knight power trip. At the expense of rape victims.”

    My sentiments exactly. Very astute.

  84. “Rape it’s time” offends me because of its content, but mostly because of the idiotic ordering of the words. The chest tat is kind of cool but not terribly original, the dog is sad, and the others are just gross. Overall, I think this guy’s tattoos are ugly, tasteless, and not funny, but if anyone tries to infringe on his right to do what he likes with his body, I’ll certainly join in the defense of his freedom.

  85. Sick. In the bad way.

    I don’t care if it is supposed to be funny, it isn’t. It is sad. The only good thing about this guys art is the actual artistic abilities. What a waste of good skin…..

  86. Really funny. So hilarious. Wow. These are so funny. I can feel the world changing for the better already. This guy is a brilliant hero. This kind of rebellion really shines a light. A man this interesting and insightful must really be fascinating to talk to and know. I wish this interview lasted forever.

  87. I see only stuff that degrades things he is not. Where’s the tattoo that brutalizes dumb normal young white men? If he’s really being so clever and humanitarian, why are all his “jokes” at the expense of already marginalized groups of which he is not a member? It’s pretty easy to think the race-hatred of white nazis, harming of animals, raping of children and mocking and applying shit to transsexuals and women is a riot when you actually have no insight on experiencing these ideas from the victim end. I do not question his right to decorate himself as he pleases, but I also do not feel ashamed to admit that I look at and consider the meanings that images express, and I’m not buying this as an act of enlightenment.

  88. “contributing NOTHING to society allows for the rest of it to look down their noses at him and spit on him when he’s sleeping in a gutter on the side of the road.”

    Being a musician is contributing nothing to society? does that translate to ALL artists, or just the people you don’t personally admire?

  89. holy shit, this is still going?!?

    i was too harsh. if Mike wants to get raped, thats his choice!

  90. yeah that’s right FetusFajitas666….. because fucking babies &/or joking about fucking babies is so awesome.

    Mike Beer – You think you’re really clever with these oh so offensive tattoos… I look forward to the day you get locked up in jail for something…. anything… you’re gonna get fucked 😀

  91. sad? i’m happy. with pretty much every aspect of my fucking great life. i make lots of money in a piss-easy 9-5 job. my gorgeous wife and kid love me. my dad never once tried to fuck me. i guess that’s where we differ.

    each to their own hey…. i used to think it was all ‘punk rock’ to offend as many people as i could… but really, i will laugh when you get (as you put it) ‘surprise sexxed’…

    hey you could get modblogged as the guy with the stretched rectum 🙂

  92. Liam…..let’s be serious here for a second…..i’m sure there are plenty of guys with much more stretched out rectums then mine will ever be. try google searching a little thing called “ass punching”

  93. omg mike i never knew you were so hated. this rules my frickin world.

    can you make your ass shake like a dancer. if not ill teach you. it will be like the unicorn is running.


  94. God damn, is it wrong that I want to make out with this guy? I even dated a transdude for a good while and am not at all offended.

    Dear Mike Beer: Come back to DC, or at least play here. Your band is good stuff.

  95. It would be funny if the guy did another tattoo on the other side of his butt, making fun of black power as well.

  96. dude, right epic tattoos.
    keep rockin’
    never lose this sense of humour, otherwise, then i’ll have to lynch you haha

  97. This guy doesn’t really deserve attention, he deserves empathy. If you grow up in a way where you’re taught to never take anything seriously so you just push offense and taste to the extreme limit for the sake of it you have to have a somewhat skewered view of the world.

    These tattoos aren’t funny to me, they’re just sad. I’m all for exploiting ideas that we hold as sacred to truly find our boundaries and not taking things too seriously, but this goes beyond what I can see as funny or thought-provoking.

  98. You need to die in a fire you sick fuck. Rape, animal and child abuse are not funny and should never be the subjects of jokes, especially yours. These tattoos aren’t funny, hip, edgy or thought provoking. You are a sick creature, and an abomination of humanity.

  99. This is way late, but come on people. He’s happy with his tattoos, and you all are happy with your mods. Who the fuck cares what he has tattooed on his body? It is HIS body, is it not? So shut the fuck up with this “he deserves to die” bullshit. He’s a hot little fucker, he’s hilarious and they’re not YOUR tattoos so get over it.

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