Sunday is For Lovers

We’re usually treated to plenty of Anna around these parts, but it’s much more infrequent that we get to see her handsome husband, Lucas, with whom she owns Pirate Piercing, and tangos, apparently.

(Photo by Benoit Meeus, dress from Flesh and Bones.)

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24 thoughts on “Sunday is For Lovers

  1. 10. What are you trying to say, Frannypants?

    You should recognize both of their haircuts…because Mateo and I are like their evil brown hair twins. Mwahahaha!

  2. Lately ive seen alot of anna om BME 😀

    and they are realy nice in person too 😀

  3. Yaaah! Your new haircut looks awesome! ^__^ (This is Dagon from GG)
    Great looking couple. I am jealous of your huge lobes. X3

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