Reece Gets His Face Peeled

I have to admit, for a split second when I saw these shots of Reece’s facial cuttings by Iestyn, my thought was, “When did Lucky Diamond Rich stretch his nostrils?!” The full-facial black tattoo is pretty high on the list of radical transformations a person can undergo, but when it’s well executed (as it certainly is in this case), the result is really wonderful, I think, and I’m very curious to see how these healed scars add to Reece’s appearance! Some procedural shots after the jump.

(Scarification by Iestyn at Diamond Jack’s in London, England.)

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48 thoughts on “Reece Gets His Face Peeled

  1. Whats wrong with the back of his scalp? has it just not been tattooed like the rest yet? i like the scarring and black work but that one spot and the ears kinda bothered me, i want it to be all black.

  2. Good on you bro (Iestyn) your work just keeps getting better and better. And sorry about giving Lucky that photo haha. Was a coincidence that i had it out.

  3. It’s weird, just looking at his face in isolation at first you think he’s an ordinary natural dark-skinned person (i.e. would be warm tones/brown) but taken on black and white film, until you see the other color objects and realize no, wait, the grey grey is really that’s his color…

    Nice look though, going down the neck as it does.

  4. oh man that is pretty exciting! those must be sucky to heal all at once on such an exposed area though. i’m just thinking about how much cat hair would land on those babies at my house. shudder.

  5. honestly I love the cuttings that have been around the last little while… but this one… just looks off… and not verry well done for some reason??? sorry i dont mean to offend…. but does anyone else see it?

  6. Woah this looks awsome against the blackwork!
    Hopefully we will get to see the healed result…?

  7. Slummyx~

    I think they looked squiggly and unaligned with each other at first, too, but I think it was just the angle of the first photo.
    You can see in the second photo they’re very much straight and don’t angle off from the gap over the eye.

  8. He looks so happy.. must be thrilled – why not skin his whole face?… that would be so cool

  9. I don´t understand why anybody would do this to themselves. It´s not even beautiful or a statement.

  10. i love how in the 2nd picture you can see the black pigment from his tattoo on the skin thats being removed

  11. I had to do a double-take myself when and realized this isn’t LDR.

    Nonetheless, I absolutely love the black work [both on his face and the artist's arms] and the skin peeling. Beautiful work and photos. Will definitely be interesting to see healed.

  12. I can’t believe this is Reece from the early 90s who had all the flowers on his very colorful face !!!!

  13. I love his lips for some reason. I cant wait to see healed shots.
    I also think he would look better with his ear done, but by the looks of that he is working on it, it cant be too much fun!

    I also wonder, on a similar note to someone thinking he was naturally dark skinned, whether someone has actually gotten tattooed to try and look like a different ethnicity, and whether it has been convincing?

  14. I’ve never been a big fan of the ol’ Line scares. They’re like cat claw and bullet hole decals on a car.
    Whatever makes him happy though.

  15. Buddy should totally do his ears as well, i really dont like them plain sticking out beside an all black face

  16. wow thats intense i love the full black coverage id love to see how those scars heal, he needs to black those ears in & the top of his head

    LUCKY IS STILL THE KING OF BLACK INK!!!! No one will ever break his record as tattooed man.At least I dont think so.

  17. Honestly I agree with slummyx…and I personally think it looks shoddy at best.

  18. amazing
    so intense and pretty extreme for me, but thats some great stuff for him im sure.
    wow, im impressed. kick ass man

  19. I wonder what kind of future this guy has planned out for himself…actually, he probably doesn’t have much of a future, but props to him for this.

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  21. mature much, if it makes him happy 41 why talk bad about it, if it makes him feel beautiful then he is beautiful. and i doubt his opinion even affected him what so ever

  22. I agree with tatsguy that it’s difficult to resolve Reece’s early 90s floral facial tattooing with his current fizzog. Hats off to the lad for taking the LDR route. They do say that imitation is (the best sort of) flattery. It would be interesting to see them photographed together.
    Suz – I do believe Reece used to live in Guernsey (as does Mark Baudain, another fully facially tattooed guy from the Dunstable Expo days), but may have moved to London.

  23. wondered what happened to Reece; his floral work was great but perhaps he outgrew the floral look; anywho as a fully facially tattooed guy myself, I like what he’s done nand I do want to meet him as well as Mark Baudains.

  24. Hi all just to update you, Reeces ears and head are now all black, and to some he does this for himself and no one else so is not bother what people think good or bad.

  25. Hiya to Reece – long time no see. It’s definitely going to get you some attention, Bud! Hope it didn’t hurt too much. xxx

  26. there r a fair few people with fully facial tattoos where reece is from so no they don’t get attention people r not so narrow minded from there, people have different interests and that’s there choice, there the sort of people that don’t look at people wrongly because they r different, but some idiots just don’t get it.

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