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On this Friday the 13th, let us reflect on what we’ve learned from horror movies: You cannot kill Jason—you can only make him angrier. You can send him to New York, you can send him to Hell or you can send him to outer goddamn space…doesn’t matter. You’re just pissing him off. Perhaps it’s time to resign yourself to the fate that awaits you: no matter what you try to do, you are going to be killed by a psychotic hell-demon in a hockey mask, and tough shit.

(Tattoo by Billy Toller at Cherry Bomb Tattoos from New Port Richey, Florida, and the 2009 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention.)

Well, quite a whirlwind of a week this time around, no? Let’s refresh our memories:

- We spoke with Mike Beer, he of the numerous wholly tasteless tattoos. Reactions, as usual, were mixed at best. Evidently, not everyone is ready for “rape time.”

- Atlanta kisses some ass (in the form of a tribute tattoo) to get an apprenticeship with Sean Philips. Mercifully, it worked.

- There is a damn eyeball in that guy’s armpit!

- We all told some great stories about getting our septums pierced.

- The Flying Pink Sausage entered our lives.

- We learned a simple lesson: Money talks and bullshit walks.

- Alice got naked in the snow, just because.

- Nacho’s first suspension was a complete success.

And that’s it for us today, folks. We’ll be around over the weekend though, as per usual. Sorry about no podcast this week—there were some scheduling conflicts with one great guest we had lined up, but we should be getting in touch with him in the next couple of days, so don’t you worry. At any rate, stay safe, have a good weekend, and as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

11 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. I’ve never seen a tattoo as photorealistic as this one.
    Mad, mad props.

  2. Niiice shiite….+ Me and Jason were born on the same day so…… respect haahha

  3. born friday the 13th on a full moon on my dads birthday and my name has 13 letters in it….mayyyyybe im just looking to hard into it?? lol……

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