Fat City Reprise (Tattooed Musical Beasties)

I was lucky enough to be able to tag along with Tommy Agriodimas while he was doing a photo shoot with Fat City Reprise. After chatting for a while about their tattoos and their Philly origins, I figured I’d video some of it to share on BME. We did a quick interview and I threw together this video in the cab of a 26′ moving truck during the drive from NYC to LA.

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Check out Fat City Reprise Thursday nights at House of Blues in Los Angeles.

Photos: Tommy Agriodimas

4 thoughts on “Fat City Reprise (Tattooed Musical Beasties)

  1. im more into the heavier sounding music but theres nice tone in this guys voice. respect.
    i like the alice in wonderland theme.
    and nick is hot.

    good luck guys.

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