A Harsh Mistress

One other thing that was special about today, aside from a certain excuse to drink the devil’s green cider? Unseasonable warmth! Up here on the frozen tundra of the barren Canadian hinterland, anyway. In celebration of our dying planet, I present to you these popsicle tattoos, belonging to Hayley, a piercer at Primal Urge in Perth, Australia. And, as it turns out, these delightful summer treats aren’t even called popsicles in Australia, and instead are referred to as “icy poles.” The Australians are a sweet and literal people.

EDIT: These are actually friendship tattoos! One is on the aforementioned Hayley, and one is on her best friend, Miss Spoons. The lesson, as always … I’m a jackass.

(Tattoos by Kat at The Tatt Shop in Northbridge, Western Australia.)

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18 thoughts on “A Harsh Mistress

  1. This is brilliant. Totally one of a kind! I never knew what to do with the other half of the popsicle while eating one, it drove me nuts.

  2. I just shoved both in my mouth! Or left half in the packet for later.

    I love twinpoles.
    Oh, and this gal pierced my septum.

  3. Actually the twinpoles are on two people, one being iam:hayleytheirrational and the other being her best friend, iam:miss spoons. Inseperable pair :d

  4. it really is true love when you can share your favourite summer treat with your best friend.

  5. this is cute! the planet aint dying though, the earth’s just going through a natural state of warming up, releasing a whole lotta co2 from the sea. this is where all the ‘high emissions’ are from.. it’s practically nothing to do with us. Watch ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’. sorry to go offtopic…needed to be said

  6. these give me the grins, esp since they are friendship tatts

    PiercingUrge RULES!

  7. I got a box of these today.
    thanks for influencing my grocery shopping, modblog.

  8. Lj, thats what i’m saying to you…. don’t believe everything you watch on tv…. go do your own research. the media will twist and turn the truth for the gains of the few.

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