Clavicle Cuttings

I am not a squeamish person by nature, and having been around for BME for so long, I feel like I’m largely desensitized to acts of body modification that may squick out others, but my God, the thought of somebody cutting my clavicles gives me the heebiest of jeebies. These cuttings by Jen Minuti at Tattoo Angus in Manchester, New Hampshire, look fantastic, but I would rather be bored by a wild bull than have this done. Close-up shots of each side, after the jump.

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28 thoughts on “Clavicle Cuttings

  1. That is really beautiful work. It fits in so well with, and echoes, the lines of the tattoos on his neck and chest. This isn’t just a body modification; this is art.

  2. This is so beautiful. I love how, rather than introducing a new concept, it expands on the tattoos that were already there. I’m really curious to see what it’ll look like healed.

    And his subtle microdermals work so well there!

  3. YAY For tattoo Angus in Manchester! I GO THERE!!! HHAA!<333 Well done!
    p.s. my friend Doug says he filled Propane for you once haahaa go figure1!

  4. Very nice work Jen..Kudos to you and your client. Did you numb the sites first or did he just take the pain?

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  6. I have to say, I like the design, but I seem to be the only one looking for consistency. If that was on me, i would have made them stop after that that fat line on their right side. Luckily, you can manipulate the wound during healing to attempt that both side heal close to similarly, though I wouldn’t guess that this artist would know about that. But man, i hope that was free.

  7. agreed. It is not very consistent at all. The spiral to the right is well under the clavical bone, where the one to the left is directly on it. And the consistency of the lines themselves are very poor, some look blown out and wide, not a good amount of precision. maybe this was the first go around for the artist. damn.

  8. The clavicle is a rough spot. I don’t have any mod work there. But a few years ago I was bitten by a large dog on the breast and right clavicle. It sucked, but I’m very lucky to have almost no scars. I like to make my own scars. ;)

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