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This backpiece comes to us—surprise, surprise—from Marc at Swastika Freakshop in Radolfzell, Germany. It’s not just Marc’s technical skills as a tattooist that impress me (although they’re off the charts), but his aesthetic: The designs he comes up with seem so bizarre sometimes, but what they really indicate is a thorough understanding of the human form, and it’s a style that, ultimately, is equal parts complementary and jarring. All of which is to say, Marc pisses excellence, plain and simple. He wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence.

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33 thoughts on “At a Glance

  1. Great design but I recently noticed that his black is not always quite as solid as it could be. Don’t get me wrong, I love his works but the black is not as perfect as it appeared.

    He does piss excellence though

  2. guessing that black work is till in the works -serious balls for sitting for that

  3. correct me if i’m wrong, but i can’t find the swastika in this one. bad ass piece though.

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  5. Seriously this dude is a fucking artist!!! It is like my goal in life to get tattooed by him, even if he were to insist on putting a swastika someplace in the piece!

  6. I love his work and what he does as much as the next person… but I believe he and his work is featured much more often than it should be on ModBlog. Yes, he’s a talented artist, but it’s like ModBlog has becme his profile. Let other artists take the spotlight sometime, instead of featuring him over twice a week, you know?

    I am truelly a fan of his work, and I love the stippling he does. c: I do agree with (3) though, there are alot of sketchy spots in the pure blackwork and some of the stippling seems to be blurred where I don’t believe he meant it to be.

  7. thats an amazing design, it took me a while to figure out that it was a bunch of swatstikas though!

  8. The black at the top looks like paint strokes, which is pretty cool, but I doubt it’s the desired final result. I also like the design and that it’ll take people a while to see the swastikas, if they notice them at all. And if he’s not wearing a shirt.

    Is there something a bit off on the top left, though? It doesn’t appear to be a fold of skin and I’ve been starting at it for a while now.

  9. I love all the work that comes from the SwastikaFreakshop.

    do ALL of the pieces he does, require to have swastikas incorporated into the design?

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t blackwork typically require touchups just to fill in the areas that don’t take ink, even when it’s new.

  11. In my experience, at least, all of my blackwork requires touchups.

    Small observation… or I guess a niggly little observation: Why does Marc seem to put swastikas in every single tattoo he does. I do realize that his ’cause’ is the reclamation of the swastika, but it gets somewhat repititive. That being said, he does use them in new wonderful ways each time!

  12. of course the black si not perfect. this tatu was done in a 8 hours ( and 2 for filling the upperarm also black) in a sesion over two days. so its normal to get some touch ups the next time. but still al my respekt for a guy who siting for fucking two days and get a full backpiece done.

  13. Another great work from the Freakshop. Restyling tribal into something modern, unique and beautiful. Never not digged a piece from this studio.

  14. Xed, Tomas Tomas, Jondix, Matt Black, Jorge Terran, Nazareno just a few people that do truely incredible dotwork, as someone mentioned you only post work from one tattooist, i understand that it´s probably because he´s the only one that sends photos to BME, but the way you write about him makes him out to be some kind of revelation and to be honest there have been many before him. Im not trying to disrespect Marc, just open readers eyes to the fact that he is far from being the only person doing dotwork

  15. This is a nice tattoo but I notice that the lower parts of it are perilously close to his out hole.


  16. for swastika lovers, piss = excellence?
    sure marc is damn good at what he does but its pretty sad when people worship him like sheep. maybe if you folks could see the flaws instead of insisting everything he does is perfect…

    anyways, fuck the swastika and those that glorify it

    BTW, i was gonna give it a break for awhile and focus on some nazis somewhere else. but i guess BME needs me so badly they choose to “bait” me. l love you too

  17. This is beautiful. I’m planning a trip to Germany, and I’ll be DAMNED if I don’t get a tattoo from this shop while I’m there.

  18. oh and don’t forgett this nazis are from all around the world. we call us the swastika nazis and we are a world wide organisation agains foreigners…

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