When I Taste Life

So, the wonderful Jason Stephan has been dabbling in the black arts, apparently, because there he goes, cribbing from my nightmares again for tattoo ideas! At least he included the serene, vegetarian elephant to mitigate the bloodthirsty jackalope on the left.

After years as the owner and operator of Electric Eye Tattoo Studio, Stephan’s happily given up the business aspect of the industry and is focusing on tattooing full-time at King Street Body Gallery in Orlando, Florida. If he’s going to produce work like this, I don’t think anybody’s going to have a problem with that.

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10 thoughts on “When I Taste Life

  1. i have to say i generally HATE new school but this is simply perfect (both of them).

  2. Jason came out to do a guest spot at Starlight when I worked there, his personality is as wonderful as his tattooing, super nice guy all around.

  3. I don t really know about tatoos, but I ve found those different and really interresting!

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