A Crack in the Concrete

Keeping with the requests to see more healing/healed scarification work, Tara checks in with this nicely raised year-and-a-half-old piece by the Thunder From Down Under, Wayde Dunn. Check out the fresh cutting after the jump.

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114 thoughts on “A Crack in the Concrete

  1. I’m not sure I’ve EVER seen a scarification piece heal this well.
    Good god, this is perfection.

  2. on second look, do the circle-y horn things at the top of the piece look a bit..uneven to anyone else?

  3. @Cassidy

    I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but judging by the rest of it, I don’t think they were meant to be even.

    By far one of the most beautiful scarifications I’ve seen. It’s stuff like this that makes me want to try for myself, but I doubt I’d get as lucky with the end result.

  4. that looks so pretty, she’ll have to keep her tummy nice and flat to prevent ruining the effect though, which is a shame, cos wobbly bellies are so much fun

  5. as it should be
    fucking great work!

    sure i could nitpick, but why bother? this is a good example of how it should be done.
    and the owner is clearly no slouch either for healing it so well!

  6. Also, anyone have an idea of what would happen if she were to gain weight?
    It would be interesting to see the effect on a scar.

  7. I actually gasped!
    It reminds me of fancy lace if that means anything to anyone?

  8. Very nice, it looks absolutely beautiful. And it’s good to see healed scars on Modblog, I find that the emphasis is too often put on fresh scarifications.

  9. 24 – Yes, I thought that too. Gives me so many ideas in terms of what I want to do on myself. Love coming here to find inspiration.

  10. *stare* …oh.
    The actual cutting of that piece must have taken some serious skill, and the piece healed perfectly.
    I wish I could run my fingers over it.

  11. Amazingly done
    I’d like to see a front photo of the healed piece, the lower part looks like it didn’t rise as well as the rest, but it might be the light’s effect

  12. That would be something I would spend hours, while lying in bed in an early morning sun-lit room, lightly tracing with my fingertips in one continuous line. If she giggled and my finger broke the line, I’d have to start over.

  13. oh wow i have never liked cuttings but that is the best i have ever seen, i think i finally get it! they look so much better when theyre healed, thanks for showing more healed ones!

  14. It is pretty, but there is also something to be said for a perfect flat belly, which she has scarred forever. Shoulda put it on her back or something.

  15. wow, what does it take to get it to look like that? ive had a few brands that havent scared at all and some that just look like crap, seriously whats it take to heal that kinda work to this end?

  16. I’d also like to hear the aftercare these people used, as well as see healing/healed photos. Aftercare plays such a big part in the end product, IMHO!

  17. ААА!!!! Впервые вижу настолько пиздатый скар…..охуенно просто!!! МЕГА!!!

  18. This is the reason why I won’t do scarification…it will never look this good!!!!

  19. I actually said WOW out loud (Wol)

    That makes me want scarring. but not. but yes.

  20. I think this is my favorite of all the scarification pieces I’ve seen. It looks like she simply, well, grew it. Perfect.

  21. Thank you for all the wonderful comments! I’m the proud owner of this piece :) As far as what I did to heal it, I really didn’t do anything. I let my body take care of it :) As far as weight gain, well, I was almost 60 pounds heavier when i got the cutting and the healed picture is from a couple weeks ago, so I’m not to concerned about it, I plan on living a healthy, active life so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. And I don’t ever plan on having children so that wont be an issue. Any questions you can hit me up on my IAM :)

  22. Oh I almost forgot! The only reason this piece is even half as beautiful as it is, is because it was done by THE MAN! Wayde Dunn! I wouldn’t have had ANY one else, ever, do scarification on me. Although I don’t plan on getting more scarification, as the only placement I want is already done! Wayde is incredible and I can’t thank him enuogh for this piece :)

  23. Absolutely stunning. I really think this is the most well-made body-modification I have ever seen.

  24. Just out of curiosity, does scarification fade over time?

    I had my gallbladder out by laparoscopy a few years back, and the scars, which were initially raised about as far as these, have since almost faded away completely.

  25. # 58 REALLY shit huh? Wayde is amazing -this IS beautiful and you- well you sir just stink

  26. In response to comment 44 I agree Randwulf, I could just spend hours like that too, and not just with my finger tips… my tongue too, the sensory experience of tracing the intricacy with fingers, eyelash, the hairs on the back of my hand even, the intimacy, it would be just phenomenal.

    In response to 58, would you care to show us something you think is better? Or are you just making such a statement in the puerile self-indulgent self interest of seeing how many you can get to respond to you? Well out of 83 you’ve managed two, does that stroke your ego enough?
    I’m not impugning your right to criticise, I am just disappointed that you couldn’t muster the necessary skill to elucidate why you felt it was not a significant achievement. If you can not provide the rest of us with a clear and irrefutable point from which you cast your aspersions we can only presume that you are nothing more than a narcissistic, self-aggrandising malcontent to which I find the Latin phrase ‘Si vellem sentientiam tuam audire legerem intestina’ is so apt.

  27. Mea Culpa, I should have double checked the source, it was not comment #58 but comment #68 by inkidy. My apologies to brianna.throws.bricks

  28. Yikes #83 a bit pretentious with the language ya think? good points nonetheless however the true testament to intelligence is conveying your point with the least amount of words necessary. People shouldn’t need a translator to hear your point.

  29. Gorgeous! I hope when I end up getting a scarification piece it ends up this nice.

    Thumbs up.

  30. #83, One problem with what you said is #68 cannot give “irrefutable point” as irrefutable means undeniable proof. It’s an opinion, their like assholes everyone’s stinks but your own. He is allowed to hate it (While I do disagree. I personally find it an absolutely gorgeous piece of artwork.) No one has to explain their opinion to anyone else, least of all someone who tries to over-compensate via their language skills. :)

    Tara your scarification is absolutely beautiful. I am more of a tattoo girl but if I could get my tattoo’s to look this nice as a scar I would do it in a heart-beat.
    May I ask what precautions you took to make sure it healed with and with out infection?

  31. I had never been a huge fan of scarification before seeing this, but now I love it! Great work, and you’re lucky that it healed so perfectly. Congratulations!
    It almost makes me want to get something similar :-)

    And to #68 and #87, didn’t your mothers teach you that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? Just because this is the internet and you don’t have to see anyone face to face doesn’t mean that changes. This is a beautiful piece, and if you don’t like it, move on to a different website, because this obviously isn’t the place for you.

  32. I had never been a huge fan of scarification before seeing this, but now I love it! Great work, and you’re lucky that it healed so perfectly. Congratulations!
    It almost makes me want to get something similar :-)

    And to #68 and #87, didn’t your mothers teach you that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? Just because this is the internet and you don’t have to see anyone face to face doesn’t mean that changes. This is a beautiful piece, and if you don’t like it, move on to a different website, because this obviously isn’t the place for you.

  33. Haven’t read the previous replies, but wanted to say that this is just stunningly beautiful. I just had a branding done and am hoping that it turns out as beautifully as this piece has.

  34. Stunning! Although I’m a bit concerned on the placement for practical purposes… weight gain, aging, and pregnancy could really destroy that lovely piece.

  35. I love it. I honestly have never thought about scarification but its now after seeing this, wow!

  36. What did I do to not get an infection? Not touch it…What Im I gonna do if I get pregnant? Get an abortion…What am I gonna do if I gain weight? I’m not gonna, I have control over my body and if I dont want to get fat, I wont. About age….it’s gonna happen to all of us and I’ll be happy I enjoyed my tight skin and scarification piece while it lasted :)

  37. @ cassidy:
    yeah you’re right, however as whole it looks good like it is. i.m.o. micro symmetry is overrated. the balance of the piece is far more important than the folded-paper symmetry we sometimes see. and this piece is beautiful.

  38. Carefully placed light source to make an otherwise fairly invisible scarification visible. Nicely done, but let’s see a shot with a saturated light source.

  39. Self-injury, self-harm or deliberate self-harm is deliberate infliction of tissue damage or alteration to oneself without suicidal intent. It is sometimes associated with mental illness, a history of trauma and abuse including emotional abuse, sexual abuse, eating disorders, or mental traits such as low self-esteem or perfectionism.

  40. Wait till she gets pregnant, till she gets older and gets a pouch and it starts to sag. Oh it’ll look wonderful then.

  41. #83 you sound sooo fucking creepy, just stfu about your little fantasies and let people express themselves.

    and yes it is very pretty, but like many people have said, it’s a very delicate art and seems easily spoiled. I don’t think I could live with the restrictions, like not having children? you’ll be missing out on a lot, but each to their own. but its still very good, even if it looks a tad gross.I’m personally more down for tats.

  42. WOW. That is just stunning. I don’t think I have ever seen such lovely scarification.

  43. this is exactly the sort of scarification i want for myself. those clean, raised white lines, so beautiful. how was that done? it looks like lasers!

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  45. I wasn’t going to respond because I know whatever I say will be ignored, but I’m going to anyways. This has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. You want to express yourself, I get it, but you’re willing to put yourself at risk for serious complications? Yeah, obviously it healed up nicely, but what if it hadn’t? Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

    Leaves me with the thought…

    Common sense… You don’t have it.

  46. Seriously people? get over it. She can do what she wants. If it gets gross someday when she gets older, who cares. People don’t generally worry about their appearance when they get to be old grammas and grampas anyway. And why would she be traipsing around with her stomach showing when she’s old anyway?

    Stop telling her what to do. She can do what she wants.

  47. Yanno, scarring isn’t my thing either, but I believe if you are going to mark your body, then find an artist who does a good job. Obviously she researched her artist and his work before committing to this, and for that I applaud her. Yes, I too, think it looks very nice on her and I appreciate her for sharing her body modification. And I also applaud her position on not having children. As evident by every Internet site that allows comments, there is enough stupid in this world. Why risk bringing more stupid in to it?!

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