Memorable Coming Up

And now here is some grotesque pornography, starring the gentleman on the left, whose name I am prohibited by law to display in print, and Mike, on the right, who just got his first tattoos—the two of whom are celebrating this momentous occasion with a bottle of vodka. And grab-ass, apparently. Hooray!

(Swallows by Chris Bell.)

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10 thoughts on “Memorable Coming Up

  1. As cliche as swallows are in the tattoo world, I still think they look fantastic.

  2. nice tattoo on the shoulder, always a classic
    the swallows look decent, but maybe too much of a classic. but there is somthing to be said about getting something so rooted in ink history for a 1st (and 2nd apparently) tattoo.
    so i say cheers!

    oh, and… nice tits!!

  3. cool tattoo, not my thing, but its nice.

    “duuuuuude, we’re gonna have milk!”

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