Rather Be Ashes Than Dust

And here we have an interstellar entry from Anders, who carved these godless occult symbols into an impressionable youth’s fingertips. At least Jupiter and Neptune will be most pleased.

(Scarification by Anders Allinger at Flesh Impressions in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia.)

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23 thoughts on “Rather Be Ashes Than Dust

  1. I second Diva’s first comment. That just looks so painful. Not that i question the recipients intentions but isn’t it really difficult, if not impossible, for scars to develop on one’s fingers? Though i am admittedly ignorant of the validity or fallacy of such claims…

  2. oh, yes. i like it.

    makes me wanna go JUPITERRR like kel used to, though. and the neptune one only makes me think of spongebob… DAMN YOU NICKELODEON

  3. I really like this…. I have some scars on my fingers already from playing as a kid and I’ve always liked them. Never dawned on me to have intentional scarification there, but I like the idea.

  4. At first glance I thought it was 42. I’m such a hopeless geek.

    Oh you can get scars on your fingers, I have a few from various kitchen and shop mishaps. Going from my experience they don’t scar easily, fade a lot, and the scars will get fingerprint ridges. So I’d like to see these healed to see how they turn out.

  5. I wonder if those symbols were picked randomly… because the middle finger is ruled by Jupiter and the ring finger is the sun…. I have a palm tattoo of cheiromancy. It looks interesting though. It’s going to be fun to heal…

  6. id like to see what happens to these…i would guess they wont scar out very well, but perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised :)

  7. Ooohhh it makes my finger tips hurt just looking at them.

    Very cool though, and I hope they turn out better than I think they will. I’ve had some pretty deep cuts on my fingers and sadly I have no scars on that side of my finger.

  8. to each thier own
    but i tend to agree with #15
    i hope they were not intending this to be long term

  9. I’ve got a rather nice scar going two inches vertically down my right hand’s middle finger, so fingers definitely scar, the cut that caused mine wasn’t particularly large either, just sliced from climbing a wall.

  10. Apparently it ‘s quite hard to remove your fngerprints, they just kinda grow back.. People have gone through crazy lengths to try and get rid of theirs…
    I see it as, well, its a nice idea, but will it work out?

  11. Yeah, the idea is cool, but I worry about how long something like that would last.

    When I was younger and stupider, I once tried to remove one of my fingerprints with a wood burner. Smelled terrible, hurt like the end of the world, and the fingerprint grew back like it never happened (after a long period of being in terrible pain whenever I touched something).

    I hope this works out for the person, but still, I don’t know…

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