Splendor Solis

Last week, we saw Deluxe Tattoo‘s Tim Biedron’s grisly barnyard zombie torture porn romp, but this time around, things are a little more wholesome. Continuing our recent trend of righteous wildlife tattoos, here are a bunch of happy forest critters having a wholesome tea party! Hey, cute. Many more shots, after the jump.

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50 thoughts on “Splendor Solis

  1. Amazing, I love that the colours blend so seamlessly, its like something out of the best childrens book EVAR!

    Alos, teacups and frogs would make an excellent name for a prog-metal band.

  2. Thanks for all the compliments! The zombie tattoo is my husband’s, and my tea party is going on just over one of the hills on his farm. 😉

  3. Gaa this just makes it even harder to wait till the end of May when I get to go to deluxe 🙂 the work coming out of that shop is never a disappointment.

  4. This is so adorable & heartwarming! And wonderfully executed, too.

  5. This tattoo makes me so ridiculously happy. I want to look at every morning so my day will go right.

  6. Stunning work. It really makes me think of the Frog and Toad books. I really like how your piece is such a contrast to your Husband’s.

  7. Does that one deer have a teabag in it’s mouth? =)
    Just a wonderful, artful piece all around. Perfect in every way.

  8. absolutely gorgeous! i normally shy away from obvious black outlines on more painterly pieces, but this has been pulled off soooo nicely! it really is like a childrens book 🙂

  9. Superb. Magical. Love it so much. Agree with Dangerbitch #26 – it pushes a lot of my memory buttons and takes me back to childhood days and The Wind in the Willows, and I never thought a tattoo would do that.

  10. Looks awesome!
    I’m glad you explained the scene happens on a hill near where your husband’s tat’s scene. I was goin to point out that the sun ans clouds looks the same

  11. I love the colours, I love the animals, I love tea! Therefore, it should only be obvious that this tattoo rocks my socks right off.

  12. I got the back of my calf done a few weeks ago, so I can empathize with how much that tattoo probably hurt like a bitch. Ahh the things we do for artwork…

  13. I love canadian rock bands from the 90s. Just putting that out there.

    I suppose the tattoos are worth a mention.

  14. Very nice. I think that deer has a tea bag hanging out of it’s mouth, but my mind is telling me it’s a tampon… 😐

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