Better Than Ladybugs

I’m not exactly going out on a limb with this opinion, but I really like Brittney‘s James and the Giant Peach-inspired half-sleeve by Rabbit Abby, who can currently be found at Colt’s Timeless Tattoos in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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20 thoughts on “Better Than Ladybugs

  1. Oh My Goodness. Love. Such Love. For the person who would get a james and the giant peach tattoo as much as for the beautiful piece itself.

  2. A-fucking-mazing. I absolutely love this! Makes me want to go and watch the movie again.

  3. DO IT! we will be doing the inside of the arm this summer i hope. we will be doing james and some of the other characters, it wil be so rad. i hope it makes it back on here for you all to see!

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