An Evening With Horiyoshi III Pre-Party: Now With Fancy Pictures!

As previously pimped on this here weblog, Canvas Los Angeles is playing host to a living exhibit of tattoo work by the great Horiyoshi III. Well, last night was a pre-party, and it went off like a goddamned rocket. Check out some more photos after the jump, and if you’re in L.A., tonight’s event ought to be a hoot.

22 thoughts on “An Evening With Horiyoshi III Pre-Party: Now With Fancy Pictures!

  1. he’s a great artist!

    does anybody know, why 4 of the guys haven’t covered the middle of the upper part of the body?

  2. tradition. Someone correct me if im wrong (which of course is very probable) its something to do with preserving the skin later (when they are dead) and the gap in the middle makes for easy skin removal.

    Dont quote me on that.

  3. no its becuase when they wear a shirt u cant see their tattoos the plit down the middle and the reason they dont have any hands neck face etc etc

    is because most pl in japan like the yakuza have tattoos and tattoos in japan are lassed as mafia as such thats a quick jist of it

  4. The gap in the suit was traditionally placed so that when a tattooed person’s kimono or happi (sp) coat was worn…the ink would not show. There is still a considerable social stigma regarding Japanese style tattooing and visibility of it in public. Western style tattooing is slightly more acceptable in public especially in urban areas of Japan.

  5. On the men that have the full body suit minus down the middle of the chests is there a different spiritual meaning or is it aesthetical?

  6. I like how everyone in the 7th photograph is either wearing black or grey or white. With the excpetion of the dude in the brown. Colourful bunch!

  7. I thought the gap down the middle of the stomach/chest was so the spirit could leave the body after the person was killed

  8. From all the literature I’ve read, the stripe down the center is the same as YayArea said. It was done as a precaution so that when authorities would ask them to unbutton a shirt or roll up their sleeves they would be lacking any tattoos, and therefore incriminating marks. This is due to the fact that traditionally Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, were the only members of Japanese society tattood and would have the bodysuits fully all over.

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  10. I was tattooed by Horiken of Yokohama a couple years ago he did my forearm and finished off my sleeve. He is the one with the full black and grey bodysuit on the left of the first picture. Amazing experience took 5 1/2 hours.

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