Further Proof That Twitter is Trying to Destroy Us All

Well, it was bound to happen. Apparently, actor Steve Buscemi has become a Twitter demon, like so many others, and desperately wants people to know it. It seems that he put out a call for those following him to get the word out, and, well, the staff of Let’s Buzz in Bergen, Norway, took it to heart, beating and tying up one of their own, scrawling the graven image on poor Kenneth there, and documenting the entire process for the twisted Buscemi’s spank bank.

And all for what? For a little bit of Twitter fame. There’s more to life than a little Twitter fame, you know. Don’tcha know that? And here you are, and it’s a beautiful day. Well…I just don’t understand it.

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19 thoughts on “Further Proof That Twitter is Trying to Destroy Us All

  1. lol twitter is absolutely terrible, its so dull!
    on the plus side those tattoo artists are pretty lol

  2. Rumor has it that the Steve Buscemi twitter feed isn’t really him. Who knows though. And beyond that, who cares? :p

  3. what an excellent thing to have tattooed on your chest for the rest of your life!

    i know i’ll never regret my viggo mortensen uses netscape 4.0 sleeve.

  4. why doesn’t anyone else think this is the fakiest fake fake fake thing ever. fake.

  5. finished pictures or it didn’t happen.

    and that does NOT look like steve buscemi.

  6. the tattoo looks like dali without a mustache.

    either way i dont buy this, no one is that much of a douche to get a twitter tattoo.

    p.s. twitter is dumb

  7. Church: I think the better question is why didn’t you (and others) notice the fact that it was tagged as ” Only posting this because I think it’s fake” ;-)

  8. Why don’t all people who want to get ridiculous tattoos just do this, TAKE PICTURES, then move on with their lives without having to actually have ridiculous tattoos. We would never have to hear “Really? You really want that for the rest of your life?” again. I’m Shannon Lenise and I support this joke.

  9. I think that Steve’s twitter is run by andy milonakis… maybe.

    I want a steve tattoo, though, omg

  10. Overwhelming commenter failure.
    Literacy, guys. Reading is important.
    Tags: “Only posting this because I think it’s fake.”

    Joke, funny. Get your panties out of a bunch and take the stick out of your ass.

  11. I don’t GET twitter..I just don’t. But kudos to this guy for getting the tattoo and having to endure the questions of “What happened to the Twitter?” ’cause I guess it’s down now. I should add some awesome internet speak like LMFAO and LOL and such as well to make it more….funny?

    Anyways, I think the portrait could be super swell…but the twitter part seems just silly.

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