I’ll Rise

Continuing today’s love affair with Russia, here we have a heart-shaped implant by Moscow’s Sergey Tyler (of Tattoo Factory) in the hand of, hmm, a corpse? Wait, no, that’s not dirt—it’s just harmless blood. Ha, well, don’t I feel sheepish. Really though, great picture; first person to claim it was Photoshopped gets a stern lecture from The Iron Sheik. Don’t think he won’t do it.

(Photo from Hack.)

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17 thoughts on “I’ll Rise

  1. I would argue that insertion point for that implant was just to the left of it and that other wound is just coincidental. I would be very surprised if someone could get that much definition out of a brand spankin’ new implant. Either way, with all that blood, that hand should have a glove on it.

  2. photoshop’d

    fuck the IronShiek, ive got Andre & RoddyPiper on my side!!

    PS: J/K, that looks great!!

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