Frozen on the Boundaries

Admittedly, I’m woefully out of touch with cyberpunk anything, so pardon me if I’m missing a reference here and just projecting my own experiences, but is this not a dead ringer for Samppa? I mean, it is Samppa, isn’t it? The photo comes to us from Goldust and was taken at the Moscow Tattoo and Bodyart Festival this year, so hopefully we’ll get some much-needed clarification here. Whether it’s him or some other grilled-up cyborg, though, it’s damn fine work.

And, after the jump, and not-so-ambiguous tribute to another artist who is no stranger to seeing his likeness engraved in others.

This cutting of Emilio is by Martin Page, who was also responsible for the implants in this 3D portrait of Emilio from a little while back. (No relation, of course, to this glorious monument.)

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16 thoughts on “Frozen on the Boundaries

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s Samppa.
    The jewelery (necklace, cyborg attachments etc) are the same as various pictures of him.
    Though in the tattoo he looks a little jaundiced :P

  2. i met this guy in london at the bizarre ball

    tell u what the bizzare ball is the cheesyist thing u can go 2 lol

    and sos that guy

  3. It is samppa! I’ve met him a few times myself
    Brilliant tattoo that is, I love the detailing on his septum ring and teeth

  4. Sure thing, folks. He posted a picture of that tattoo on his -page a week ago.

  5. Yeah… is most def Samppa… he is a cool guy and its a great tattoo but I can’t help but think ‘why?!’ but then again, why anything?!

  6. Yes it is Samppa by one of Russian artists. I’m a authop of this picture. This pic wasn’t photoshopped or edited. This tattoo is truly good-quality.

  7. what a great piece of work, really impressive.
    but as always i wonder how long this style can last.
    for this one im hoping it lasts all the way!

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