Each Trip’s a Trip to Paradise

Can we get real for a second, ModBloggers? Because here’s some truth: Beneath our rough, rugged, defiant exteriors…we here at BME are still absolute suckers for baby pictures like this. This photo is like a meteorite to the heart. Pictured is Amber, moments after her daughter, Rain, was born. I think I just started ovulating.

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20 thoughts on “Each Trip’s a Trip to Paradise

  1. This is such a lovely picture. Two friends of mine just had babies within the past week, and tho I’m not hoping to do it anytime myself, it’s such a miracle even to witness

  2. this is such a great photo. Thanks for sharing such a personal moment as this with all of us. Reminds me of when my 7 month old was born. I like that she has a tattoo of baby hand prints too!

  3. Thanks everyone :)

    No, unfortunately I wasn’t able to have a water birth. It was about as interference-free as it was able to be, though, which is what I wanted.

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