Decay or Explosion

Good afternoon, ModBloggers! Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, be it lazy or otherwise. This hieroglyph skin-removal piece cutting comes to us from “Kick” Keek in Moscow, the photo having been taken at the 2009 Moscow Tattoo Festival. This right here? That’s a fine use of back real estate, my friend.

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24 thoughts on “Decay or Explosion

  1. *keek, not kick :)
    and this was done by simple cutting with no skin removal, just a great grown keloids )

  2. i wish my hair was like that and the scars and good as.
    what’s with the eye on the one on the right? the little black thing?

  3. Gemm: I noticed that, too.

    This cutting looks amazing, but I might be a bit biased as I love everything ancient Egyptian.

  4. This is really cool and I hope that beautiful scar tissue doesn’t get too mussed by her bra strap. *nod* I know that some of my scars really flattened out with pressure.

  5. Why does everyone keep thinking about her bra straps while healing? Surely she’d just wear a strapless / halterneck bra?! Same as if you got a tatt there?

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