And That’s Why You Don’t Teach Lessons

Well folks, that’ll do it for this fine weekend, and what better way to wrap up The Lord’s Day than with this hilarious (and thoroughly bizarre) old school-ish piece from Max Brain in Varese, Italy, of, hmm, Satan molesting a futuristic Boy Scout? Elroy Jetson, maybe? Either way, there’s a valuable lesson to gleaned here, and that is…huh. No matter the kind of virtuous life you try to lead, the devil will find a way to lick your forehead? Works for me. Until tomorrow, ModBloggers.

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14 thoughts on “And That’s Why You Don’t Teach Lessons

  1. yay arrested development! this tattoo reminds me of the christmas episode of venture bros.

  2. ok so maybe this tattoo symbolizes that young children could be our downfall in our own future to learn from mistakes
    becasue our history must not repeat itself children are our future and they must understand all evil so they dont get licked in the forhea by the devil satan….i dunno what ever im not religious but good job on the color but bad job on the lines, it has potential

  3. man i think this tattoo symbolizes the tastiness of the youth, y’know, you don’t wanna eat a child but ya can’t help yourself. hail satan! the other other white meat 😀 *breee breeee*

  4. We’re out of milk. I could have got it earlier if someone would have left a note.

  5. The devils shoes/feet aren’t matched either, but i do like the devils face!

  6. #2 was right on, this isn’t Satan, it’s the German anti-Santa, the Krampus, who was featured in the Christmas ep. of Venture Brothers back in season one (oh lord I’m a dork XD)

  7. actually its Gus von Krumpus. hes santas alter ego or arch nemisis if santa brings you gifts when you are good Ole Gus here would punish the child by throwing them into the coals of a fire and eat them.. Hes actually quite popular in alot of the european and slavic countries..

  8. I really like the style of this tattoo. Obviously it isn’t meant to be true to life (so quit your whining you bellyachers up above), but I really like the old-school illustration look.

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